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Are municipal bonds still a safe investment?

Sep 17, 2010
With American cities facing unprecedented budget cuts, the municipal bonds market is causing concerns. But experts say that by keeping a close eye, investors can still have a lot of leverage.
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Obama taking time with new appointments

Sep 16, 2010
Kai talks to Barbara Rehm of American Banker on what's taking the administration so long to fill the positions created by the financial reform bill.

Will U.S. take action against China and the yuan?

Sep 16, 2010
The Obama Administration is putting out a lot of tough talk about China artificially undervaluing the yuan, but economists are wondering if anything will be done about it.

New budget office head a familiar face

Sep 16, 2010
President Obama's pick to replace Peter Orzsag as director of the White House Office of Management and Budget is Jacob Lew, better known as Jack. He was OMB director for President Bill Clinton, when the government ran a surplus. You gotta wonder why he'd want the job now. John Dimsdale reports.

Obama to name Warren as assistant

Sep 16, 2010
It looks like the White House will pick Elizabeth Warren to head the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau set up under the financial reform law. Reporter Nancy Marshall Genzer talks with Bill Radke about why she may not have to go through Congress to get appointed.

Who takes care of the natural gas pipelines?

Sep 13, 2010
Marketplace's Jeff Tyler takes a look at why none of the $50 billion President Obama proposed for infrastructure repairs is targeted at gas pipelines.

Defense suppliers seek to cut costs

Sep 10, 2010
Boeing and Lockheed Martin both announced major cost-cutting moves this week. Why? These giants of the defense industry believe the Pentagon when it says it's going to cut spending significantly. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Federal workers overwhelmed by contracts

Sep 9, 2010
President Obama proposed a new set of programs and plans to stimulate the economy -- but there aren't enough federal employees to oversee the money and programs from the previous stimulus. Marketplace's John Dimsdale takes a look at the hold up.

How many millionaires are in Congress?

Sep 7, 2010
Of 535 members of the United States Congress, what's the share of millionaires? Is it less than 10 percent, close to half of all the members of Congress, or two-thirds? The Globalist's Stephan Richter quizzes Steve Chiotakis, and tells us how much lawmakers make compared to the rest of us.

Will a payroll tax cut mean more jobs?

Sep 3, 2010
One idea the president may propose in his jobs plan is a temporary cut in payroll taxes to encourage hiring. But critics say that once the taxes are raised again, high unemployment numbers will be back.