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Is EPA stalling on greenhouse gas?

Apr 10, 2008
Today in Washington, a House Energy subcommittee will hear how the Environmental Protection Agency plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in this country. John Dimsdale reports.
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Conference targets cyber threats

Apr 7, 2008
Computer security specialists and those who need them are at a conference in San Francisco today to check out the latest in cyber-security. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.
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Dems challenge Bush on Iraq spending

Apr 4, 2008
Democratic leaders have sent the president a letter asking for more withdrawals of U.S. troops from Iraq. It's the first shot in a looming battle over another emergency spending bill for the war on terror. John Dimsdale reports.

McCain lags in campaign fundraising

Apr 4, 2008
Republican presidential hopeful Senator John McCain hasn't exhibited the money-making power of his Democratic contemporaries, with one-sixth the earning power. But Jeremy Hobson reports he still has a potential ace in the hole.

Stimulus options should be tested first

Apr 3, 2008
The IRS says tax rebates will start going out on May 2. Commentator and behavioral economist Dan Ariely says the government might not realize it, but the way we get our cash will affect the way we spend it.
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Arizona immigration law challenged

Apr 2, 2008
The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is challenging an Arizona immigration law that would allow the state to shut down businesses knowingly hiring illegal immigrants. Dan Grech reports.
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'Credit default swaps' getting attention

Apr 2, 2008
A peculiar kind of unregulated financial instrument called a credit default swap was a key factor in why the Fed kept Bear Stearns from failing. Marketplace's John Dimsdale tells Kai Ryssdal about whether Congress might be applying some scrutiny.
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More tweaks for online gambling bill

Apr 2, 2008
Although the law banning banks from processing payments to gambling Web sites is more than a year old, it still isn't in effect. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports on why Congress is still working out the details.

Paulson talks trade in China

Apr 2, 2008
Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson was in China today talking with his Chinese counterpart about trade, energy and the environment. Lisa Chow reports from Beijing.

Oil execs defend federal tax breaks

Apr 1, 2008
Executives from Big Oil were in the hot seat on Capitol Hill today, trying to defend billions of dollars worth of tax breaks their companies receive. Jeremy Hobson reports.