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The politics of fiscal responsibility

Oct 6, 2010
The latest midterm election polls show Democrats may lose control of Congress. Conservatives have been campaigning on the theme of financial responsibility. It's a popular theme that's easy to talk about, yet so hard to follow through. Diane Lim Rogers, chief economist at the Concord Coalition talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.

The effect of government subsidies on the job market

Sep 30, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman about the effect government subsidies for workers' wages in both the private and public sector.
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Poll: Taxpayer money is misspent

Sep 28, 2010
If you think your taxes are being misspent, you're not alone. A BBC poll asked people in 22 countries about how well their governments are tackling the big economic challenges. And they had pretty strong views on how wisely governments use taxpayer money.

'Silent raids' focus on employers, not workers

Sep 27, 2010
The federal government is changing how it'll crack down on illegal immigrants. Instead of dramatic raids, immigration authorities will be combing through employment records.
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Impact of undocumented on local biz

Sep 27, 2010
Federal immigration reform is probably dead for now thanks to election-year politics. Meanwhile, state and local governments have been taking matters into their own hands, passing laws to crack down on undocumented immigrants. Which in turn impacts local businesses, as Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Will future of tax cuts be determined in a Congressional lame duck session?

Sep 24, 2010
Congress is calling a session before the November elections. Senators have been avoiding controversial issues in this pre-election season, but they may determine whether Bush-era tax cuts stay or go in the lame duck session.
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GOP pledge focuses on spending, taxes

Sep 23, 2010
The Republicans plan to issue "A Pledge to America," an agenda they say they'd put in place if they get control of the House of Representatives in November. Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Bill Radke about what's in the pledge.

Debating tax cuts and the deficit

Sep 23, 2010
President Obama's recently departed budget director, Peter Orszag, recently said that letting all the tax cuts expire this year would bring the U.S. within striking distance of balancing the budget. Economics editor Chris Farrell talks with Bill Radke about what that tells us.

Summers's gone, now what?

Sep 22, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Sarah Rosen Wartell, executive vice president at the Center for American Progress, about Larry Summers' departure from the White House and what it means for President Obama's economic policy.

Obama's top economic adviser out

Sep 22, 2010
The White House announced that top economic adviser Larry Summers will be leaving at the end of the year, the latest in a string of departures. Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Bill Radke about whether Summers' departure is a reaction to Republican criticism of Obama's economic team.