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Setting up new Congress teams is like small business

Nov 18, 2010
The new class of Congress members are getting ready to build their teams and offices this week. About a third of them are also small business owners, which, as Nancy Marshall Genzer reports, gives them a leg up in choosing the right personnel.
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Independent commission proposes new plan for budget deficit

Nov 18, 2010
The independent Bipartisan Policy Commission, made of former members of Congress and prominent budget experts, announced today its proposal to reduce the federal budget deficit. John Dimsdale spoke to its co-chairs in an exclusive interview.
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Obstacles facing virtual Mexican border fence

Nov 18, 2010
Almost five years ago, Boeing won the chance to build a virtual fence along the U.S.-Mexico border. It's known as SBInet, and it should have been finished by now. The Department of Homeland Security now says it's reevaluating the program. David Gura reports.
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'Virtual fence' still stands: Government extends SBInet contract

Nov 17, 2010
The Department of Homeland Security has decided to grant Boeing a 30-day extension on its contract to build SBInet, a "virtual fence" along the U.S.-Mexico border, which has been beset by delays and cost overruns.

The Fed comes under attack

Nov 16, 2010
The elections are over, but now the real fighting seems to be happening. Congressional Republicans and conservatives are launching an ad campaign that hopes to take down the Federal Reserve's plans for quantitative easing.

The Fed struggles to reclaim its global clout

Nov 15, 2010
The Federal Reserve has begun pumping money into the U.S. economy. But other countries claim the U.S. is adding to turmoil to the global currency markets. Allan Sloan explains.

GOP to take aim at Bernanke

Nov 13, 2010
With new power in Congress, the GOP is looking toward making change is fiscal reform. Namely -- the Federal Reserve and its chairman, Ben Bernanke. David Gura reports on what could be ahead.

Pros and cons of quantitative easing

Nov 13, 2010
The Federal Reserve begins its latest round of Treasury bond-buying today. What does this mean for the average American consumer? Jeff Tyler reports.

It's up to the GOP to let financial reform succeed

Nov 12, 2010
Commentator Michael Perino says that today's financial reform law can succeed -- but its success is up to the party that's in power.

U.S. markets have been anticipating quantitative easing

Nov 11, 2010
The Federal Reserve's plan to pump $600 billion more into the U.S. economy wasn't announced until last week and hasn't even taken effect yet, but it's already getting investors to think ahead. They've been making moves since August, actually, reports Stacey Vanek Smith.
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