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Joblessness contributes to fall in immigration

Jul 12, 2010
A high unemployment rate is one factor which contributed to a surprising fall in immigration to developed nations in 2008.
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Obama's council of CEOs would work to double exports

Jul 7, 2010
President Obama is appointing 18 CEOs to serve on a council which will focus on doubling exports.

Postal Service moves forward on rate hikes, eliminating Saturday service

Jul 6, 2010
The U.S. Postal Service meets today to discuss going forward with a rate increase and the elimination of Saturday deliveries.
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Arizona businesses losing customers

Jul 2, 2010
Small business owners across Arizona are paying a price for the state's new immigration law. Businesses that have catered to Hispanic customers have been hit hardest. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Holiday break could take a toll on financial reform bill

Jul 1, 2010
The version of the financial reform bill which passed yesterday in the House may be threatened by the July 4 break.

Day laborers take the stage

Jun 30, 2010
A theater troupe of day laborers for day laborers, Teatro Jornalero, performs educational plays about labor and immigration laws, mixed in with the challenges day laborers face.
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Mexican shoppers steering clear of Arizona malls

Jun 21, 2010
Mexican nationals have long traveled to Arizona cities like Tucson on bi-annual shopping expeditions. But these days, Arizona's new immigration law is dissuading them from visiting the state malls.
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Arizonan town at crossroads over immigration and tourism

Jun 15, 2010
Thirty miles from Mexico, Tombstone, Ariz., is at a crossroads for illegal immigration and tourism. Jeff Tyler visited the home of the OK Corral to get locals' perspective on the showdown over Arizona's tough new immigration law.
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Hispanics leave AZ over immigrant law

Jun 14, 2010
Arizona's new immigration law has yet to take effect, but it's already been somewhat effective in driving undocumented immigrants from the state. Jeff Tyler reports.
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The cost of hidden fees

Jun 11, 2010
Host Tess Vigeland talks to MSNBC report Bob Sullivan, who road-tripped across the country, talking to normal folks about their thoughts on all the hidden fees attached to daily purchases and financial accounts.