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How would a debt default impact Americans?

Jul 7, 2011
Bloomberg's Mike Dorning explains how a debt default would not only impact the government, but how it would affect American citizens.

Republicans, President Obama inch towards debt compromise

Jul 7, 2011
It may not be immediately obvious, but if you parse their words, both sides appear more willing to negotiate during debt talks this week. Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, explains.

Is job growth a factor in the White House debt talks?

Jul 7, 2011
As President Obama and congressional leaders continue to search for common ground on raising the federal debt limit, how concerned are the politicians over creating jobs in the U.S.?

As debt talks resume, lawmakers tied up in tax debate

Jul 7, 2011
After weeks of impasse, President Obama and congressional leaders are resuming debt talks today in hopes of averting a default.

Police knock Alabama's new immigration law

Jul 6, 2011
Law enforcement in the Cotton State says it doesn't have the resources to implement measures to root out illegal immigrants.
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Markets unrattled by debt ceiling debate in Congress

Jul 5, 2011
But if negotiations fall apart, investors will sell off treasuries, scoop up credit default swaps, and bank stocks will take a beating

Carmakers, White House haggle over tailpipe emission standards

Jul 5, 2011
Newly proposed regulations could require American cars and trucks to reach 56.2 miles per gallon by 2025

Stalemate over debt ceiling worries investors

Jul 4, 2011
Some predict the longer the issue stays unresolved, the worse it'll be for the economic recovery.

Lawmakers will skip holiday break to resolve debt debates

Jul 1, 2011
As the clock ticks down to the August default deadline, the White House and Congress have agreed to continue debt discussions over the Fourth of July break.

Former Obama economic adviser warns on debt limit

Jul 1, 2011
In one of his first interviews since leaving the White House, former National Economic Council director Larry Summers says he believes "reason will prevail" in negotiations over the debt limit because a default would spark a second, scarier economic crisis, a "Lehman Brothers on steroids."