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Lobbyists prep for greenhouse gas bill

Jun 6, 2008
A Senate bill which could end up costing big emitters trillions of dollars is back until at least the next session of Congress. Sam Eaton reports why the bill has attracted so many lobbyists and what their hopes are.

Obama will need funds in election

Jun 3, 2008
The presidential primary season wraps up today, and the candidates have raised almost a billion dollars combined. But Steve Henn reports why Obama will be behind in the money race if he heads towards the general election.

Putting a price on carbon

Jun 2, 2008
Today the Senate starts debating the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, which aims to reduce carbon emissions almost 70 percent by 2050. But how much is this going to cost Americans? Sarah Gardner reports.

Violence spurs humanitarian crisis

May 30, 2008
Anti-immigrant violence in South Africa has forced tens of thousands from their homes and could have a long-lasting economic impact on the region. Gretchen Wilson reports from outside Johannesburg.
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Gore raising funds for Democrats

May 30, 2008
Al Gore is hosting a fundraiser for the Democratic party. It'll cost you $28,000 to get into the room. But Steve Henn reports even though Democrats have been doing fine fundraising, the party is almost broke.

Bush tries giving McCain a boost

May 27, 2008
President Bush has near record-low approval ratings at the moment, but he'll be fundraising in Arizona today with Republican presidential hopeful John McCain. Will this help or hurt his chances? Jeremy Hobson reports.

Why aren't oil execs drilling in the U.S.?

May 23, 2008
This week, oil executives have been telling Congress they can't drill in the U.S. because their hands are tied. But Bob Moon reports the same execs have been making excuses not to use existing permits for domestic drilling.

Oil shifting world political balance

May 22, 2008
The House Foreign Affairs Committee is looking into how skyrocketing oil is affecting this country's national security. John Dimsdale reports the U.S. economy depends on unfriendly governments for more oil.

An economic stimulus? Infrastructure

May 21, 2008
Why do some countries' economies grow and others don't? A World Bank commission says that, among other things, the ones that grow invest in their infrastructure. Commentator Robert Reich says that's what the United States ought to do.

Senate panel to oil execs: Why?

May 21, 2008
A Senate committee will be asking oil executives directly today why the price of oil per barrel has risen so high. Dan Grech reports that congressional representatives may be answered with not much more than a shrug.