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Bored with budget talks

Feb 21, 2011
After last week's budget roll-outs, Republicans and Democrats continue to blame each other for the impasse over proposed spending cuts. But Fortune Magazine's Allan Sloan says he is bored with the budget faceoff, and explains that neither side has proposed a plan that would fix the deficit.

How Social Security can be reformed today

Feb 19, 2011
Presidential historian Julian Zelizer talks about about the historic deal on social security between President Reagan and Tip O'Neill, and how it might reflect on our current situation.

Wisconsin lawmakers target state workers' union

Feb 18, 2011
Wisconsin GOP lawmakers seeking to reduce the state's deficit want to pass a bill that weakens the state workers' union. Steve Chiotakis speaks with Jill Schlesinger, editor-at-large for CBS/MoneyWatch, about how budget woes could influence other states to do the same.

How everyday Americans would tackle the budget deficit

Feb 18, 2011
About 800 Americans across the country were asked their opinions on how to solve the U.S. budget deficit. The results did make a substantial dent in the debt.

Fraudulent labor recruiters dupe Mexican migrants

Feb 18, 2011
It's estimated that poor Mexican workers have invested more than $2 million in U.S. jobs that don't exist.
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Fitch announces change to state pension analysis

Feb 17, 2011
Fitch Ratings today announced changes to the way it analyzes U.S. state and city pension bills. In a report, Fitch warns the new approach could have some consequences. Dick Larkin, director of credit analysis at Herbert J. Sims & Co., explains.

Diane Swonk: Senate banking panel hearing on Dodd-Frank

Feb 17, 2011
The Senate's banking commission is asking regulators today how the implementation of the new Dodd-Frank financial reform law is going. Diane Swonk, chief economist with Mesirow Financial, explains what's at stake in these hearings.

U.S. rallying Europe and others to aid Egypt

Feb 16, 2011
U.S. and its allies are quietly discussing an economic aid package to help Egypt make a stable transition to democracy. The idea is to create the conditions for private job creation.

FRUM: Reading between the budget lines

Feb 16, 2011
President Obama introduced his budget plan this week. But the real story behind the numbers is what's not being said.

President Obama defends his 2012 budget

Feb 15, 2011
Obama is coming under attack for lack of leadership and ignoring many of the recommendations from his own deficit reduction commission.