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New FEC commissioners wanted

Jun 17, 2008
With just two sitting commissioners on the FEC, decisions can't be reached on campaign finance laws. So the Senate is working towards approving new ones. Steve Henn reports the new group will have a lot of work ahead.

Making or breaking the AMT

Jun 16, 2008
The Senate may vote to fix the Alternative Minimum Tax and extend tax breaks to companies. But the House is threatening to kill it if those breaks aren't paid for with tax cuts or increases somewhere else. Steve Henn reports.

In politics, success equals money

Jun 11, 2008
Barack Obama has raised three times as much cash as John McCain. Commentator David Frum says this has turned the usually flush GOP into an unconvincing underdog.

Senate works on lowering oil prices

Jun 10, 2008
The Senate is voting on an energy bill designed to force oil prices down by taxing oil companies and granting federal authority to sue OPEC nations in U.S. courts. But Sam Eaton reports the move may be little more than PR in an election year.

Campaigns focus on the economy

Jun 9, 2008
Both the Obama and McCain campaigns have started stumping on economic issues. Steve Henn reports on the dollars and cents in the nominees' recent speeches.
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DNC will play by Obama's rules

Jun 6, 2008
Barack Obama is making the Democratic National Committee live by his campaign's rules -- no money from lobbyists or political action committees. Jeremy Hobson reports on how this decision might affect what happens in November.

Lobbyists prep for greenhouse gas bill

Jun 6, 2008
A Senate bill which could end up costing big emitters trillions of dollars is back until at least the next session of Congress. Sam Eaton reports why the bill has attracted so many lobbyists and what their hopes are.

Obama will need funds in election

Jun 3, 2008
The presidential primary season wraps up today, and the candidates have raised almost a billion dollars combined. But Steve Henn reports why Obama will be behind in the money race if he heads towards the general election.

Putting a price on carbon

Jun 2, 2008
Today the Senate starts debating the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act, which aims to reduce carbon emissions almost 70 percent by 2050. But how much is this going to cost Americans? Sarah Gardner reports.

Violence spurs humanitarian crisis

May 30, 2008
Anti-immigrant violence in South Africa has forced tens of thousands from their homes and could have a long-lasting economic impact on the region. Gretchen Wilson reports from outside Johannesburg.
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