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FCC to collect less info on phone service

Sep 4, 2008
On Friday, federal regulators are expected to dial back on the amount of information collected when consumers make complaints about bad phone service. Steve Henn asks what consumer advocates think of that.

GOP needs to get real on immigration

Sep 3, 2008
While the GOP convention is on, we've asked some Republican thinkers to tell us where they think the party can do better. Commentator David Frum says it ought to start with immigration.
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California bill fights sprawl and traffic

Sep 3, 2008
California's anti-sprawl bill encourages development near businesses and workplaces to cut down on driving and reduce emissions. Rachel Dornhelm explains how the policy will work.
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Convention roles of corporate reps

Sep 3, 2008
Corporate representatives who attend the convention come in two flavors, says commentator Robert Reich. He also discovered that sometimes reps from the same company play contradictory roles.

McCain must focus on the payroll tax

Sep 2, 2008
Commentator Reihan Salam says some Republicans have lost touch with the economic anxiety of average Americans. He offers a suggestion for self-improvement.
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GOP picks 'exceptionally average' state

Aug 29, 2008
Republicans have chosen a backdrop for their convention -- Minnesota -- that reflects some of the same economic problems the country, and the new president, are going to have to deal with. Annie Baxter reports.

Wall Street takes county to woodshed

Aug 29, 2008
In the mid-90's Alabama's Jefferson County issued $3 billion in bonds to pay for a new sewer system. But now the loan might end up dragging the county, which includes Birmingham, into the gutter. And Wall Street's not happy. Andrew Yeager reports.
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After speeches, money does the talking

Aug 28, 2008
Political party conventions are as much about money as platforms and funny hats. Politico's Jeanne Cummings is in Denver for the Democratic convention. She talks with Kai Ryssdal about the event's bottom line.

Dems need to consider nuclear energy

Aug 26, 2008
Commentator Will Marshall says there's a missing element in the Democratic party's platform that needs to be looked at more closely -- the future of nuclear power.

Denver's ambitions are a mile high

Aug 25, 2008
Denver's not a town that normally gets a whole lot of media attention, because it's far from bigger economic and political centers of power. But some in the city think they can show the rest of us the shape of our economic future. Jeremy Hobson reports.