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Lack of federal funding makes laws difficult to implement

Dec 21, 2010
Federal agencies figure out how to implement legislation once they've been passed by Congress. But the lack of funding for agencies will mean that laws, like health care reform, may not be carried out properly.

Is quantitative easing working?

Dec 20, 2010
The Federal Reserve officially announced its plan for quantitative easing, to plow $600 billion into the economy, about six weeks ago. Is it working yet? Bob Moon reports.

Gov't spending bill facing big obstacles

Dec 17, 2010
The Senate's plan to fund the government through the next fiscal year failed to pass last night, and the budget is set to run out officially on Saturday. John Dimsdale reports on the government's plan B.

Surprise, earmarks are back in Congress

Dec 17, 2010
If you thought you heard the last about earmarks after this last election, you were wrong. They're back in the form of a trillion dollar spending bill introduced by the Senate this week.

Does the economy need more stimulus?

Dec 16, 2010
As the tax bill makes its way through Congress today, some worry that the stimulus provided by the tax breaks may be too much, but others say that without it, we'd be worse off. John Dimsdale reports.

Obama hopeful businesses are ready to help stimulate economy

Dec 15, 2010
President Obama sat down with 20 CEOs today in a closed-door meeting, in a discussion of what private industry can do to help get the economy going again. Are businesses ready to spend and hire? John Dimsdale reports.

Obama trying to mend relationship with business community

Dec 13, 2010
President Obama's relationship with big business hasn't always been strong, but he is set to meet with 20 CEOs later this week in a closed-door meeting to discuss the future. John Dimsdale reports on why this partnership is valuable to the nation's economy.

Despite Fed stimulus plan, interest rates are still up

Dec 10, 2010
The Fed's most recent stimulus plan was aimed at getting interest rates to go down. But the opposite is happening -- mortgage rates at the highest they've been in six months. Stacey Vanek Smith explains what's going on.

How the tax cuts will help create jobs

Dec 9, 2010
President Obama has insisted that the compromise he made extending Bush-era tax cuts and unemployment benefits will be good for the economy. But if it's just extending the situation we've had for the past 10 years, how could that be? John Dimsdale explains.
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How Build America bonds will affect local community projects

Dec 9, 2010
The Build America bonds program was passed as part of the stimulus in 2009, and was aimed at continuing the investments put in community and state projects like building bridges and roads. Congress will decide if it should be extended after Jan. 1.
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