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Senate balance at stake in Mass vote

Jan 19, 2010
Massachusetts voters elect a replacement for Senator Edward Kennedy today, and a Republican win would eliminate the Democrats' filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. Steve Chiotakis talks to Marketplace's John Dimsdale.

How the Fed made a record profit

Jan 12, 2010
The Federal Reserve made its biggest profit ever in 2009. It's turning a nice deposit of about $46 billion back to the Treasury Department. Where did it get all that money? Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Fed makes record profit in 2009

Jan 12, 2010
The Federal Reserve made record profits in 2009, the biggest annual profit in the bank's history -- which is good news for the federal budget. Sam Eaton reports why the Fed was so successful last year.

Arizona sells buildings to plug deficit

Jan 8, 2010
Arizona is selling its legislative buildings to investors to raise $735 million to make up for its budget deficit -- a financial move not often made by states. Brett Neely explains why investors will find these assets valuable.

How Dodd's retirement affects reform

Jan 6, 2010
Senate Banking Committee Chairman Christopher Dodd will not seek re-election. He was leading the Senate's work on Wall Street reform, so what happens now? John Dimsdale reports.

PA governor: Pass gambling or lose jobs

Jan 6, 2010
Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is strongly advocating a law to legalize table games in the state, and has threatened to lay off 1,000 state employees unless it passes by Friday. Joel Rose reports how the move would help the state budget.

Where will reform go without Dodd?

Jan 6, 2010
Where will the departure of Senate Banking Committee Chairman Chris Dodd leave his financial reforms? Steve Chiotakis explores Dodd's proposals with Marketplace's Nancy Marshall Genzer.

Arizona sending more illegals to feds

Jan 1, 2010
Arizona has been sending illegal immigrants it's detained to federal prisons to serve the final months of their sentences, thus sticking the federal taxpayer with the bill. Now Arizona's governor is stepping up the program. Jeff Tyler reports.
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Cheap borrowing may not last in 2010

Dec 31, 2009
The U.S. sold about $2 trillion worth of notes and bonds this year as the federal government sold more IOUs to pay for its ballooning deficit. Borrowing was cheap this year. But next year may be a different story. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

SEC considers financial adviser rules

Dec 29, 2009
The SEC wants to prohibit investment advisers from making political contributions to win state business. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.