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Pros and cons of a technocratic government

Nov 9, 2011
With elected officials in the eurozone failing to fix their countries' problems, technocratic governments may rise to take over. But there are downsides in allowing the technical experts to come in.

Mid-day Extra: Are brands politically neutral?

Nov 9, 2011
As Election Day results come pouring in, we look at one study that shows how Republicans and Democrats differ in their brand preferences.
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Harrisburg in default

Nov 8, 2011
The Pennsylvania capital faces either bankruptcy or a state takeover of its finances after some bad bets on development projects. City residents are nervous.

Television's new reality show

Nov 8, 2011
Is it a GOP debate or an episode of "Jersey Shore"? It's getting hard to tell.

Measures around the country meet the ballot today

Nov 8, 2011
Today is election day, and there are a number of measures being voted on in states across the U.S. that could have lasting economic impacts.

Ohio to vote on collective bargaining

Nov 8, 2011
Voters will decide whether to limit the collective bargaining power of more than 350,000 unionized government workers.

What is a bond yield?

Nov 7, 2011
News today showed that Italy might be the next European country to suffer, in part because its government bond yields rose to 6.5 percent. But what exactly does that mean?

Should the U.S. have a referendum?

Nov 7, 2011
The Greek prime minister tried to put the eurozone bailout up to vote with the Greek people. Should the U.S. try that method to solve its own problems?

October's jobs report: A step in a long road to recovery

Nov 4, 2011
There are hints at improvement in the latest jobs numbers, but it's still not enough -- and not everyone is counted.

Occupy Oakland clashes with police

Nov 3, 2011
The Port of Oakland was shut down early this morning, and some of the protesters are turning violent.