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China says a U.S. default is 'playing with fire'

Jun 9, 2011
China holds more than $1 trillion of U.S. debt, so today the country has said it hopes the U.S. will take effective steps to improve its fiscal position.

Arizona wildfire could spread to New Mexico

Jun 8, 2011
Disasters, from fires to tornadoes and floods, are smacking states across the country when they don't have the funds to pay for clean up.

Would a short-lived default be that bad?

Jun 8, 2011
Richard DeKaser, economist with the Parthenon Group, explains how a default on U.S. debt would impact the economy.

Some Republicans OK with short-lived debt default

Jun 8, 2011
As we close in on the August 2 deadline to raise the federal debt ceiling, some Republicans say that failing to raise the $14.3 trillion borrowing limit wouldn't be so catastrophic.

Wall Street's preferred deficit cuts: short-term gain with long-term pain

Jun 6, 2011
Julia Coronado, chief economist at the investment bank BNP Paribas, discusses what kinds of spending cuts would benefit the markets.

Douglas Holtz-Eakin on spending cuts and the debt ceiling

Jun 6, 2011
The president of the American Action Forum discusses why spending cuts and tax reform are necessary to resolve the coming budget crisis.

GOP argues spending cuts help private sector

Jun 3, 2011
Spending cuts are likely to be part of any deal to lift the debt ceiling. Conservatives argue without these cuts, raising the debt ceiling just hurts private sector jobs.

Jared Bernstein on the debt ceiling and economic recovery

Jun 1, 2011
The former chief economist to the vice president talks about what he thinks will happen with the debt ceiling, and why he left his position at the White House.

Report: John Bryson to be named Commerce Secretary by Obama

May 31, 2011
President Barack Obama is expected to nominate the former chairman and CEO of Edison International John Bryson as the next commerce secretary. The president will make a formal announcement later today.

The appetite for entitlement changes

May 30, 2011
Last week's special election in New York put a spotlight on the Medicare system. Now the question is: What kind of reform is possible in this political environment?