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Reich: Debating America's future

Oct 19, 2011
Labels are routine in conversations about politics. But do those labels limit our debates?

Big business filling campaign coffers

Oct 17, 2011
President Barack Obama has raised $90 million for his re-election. Taken together, the GOP candidates aren't far behind. Marketplace looks at the biggest contributors.

Super committee on deficit to get proposals

Oct 14, 2011
Congressional proposals to slash the deficit have to be in to the super committee by tomorrow. If the committee can't agree, then $800 billion is automatically sliced from the military budget.

Rep. David Schweikert on Occupy Wall Street, Dodd-Frank

Oct 13, 2011
As conflict in Washington, and around the country, continues, we check in with Republican Congressman David Schweikert on the state of the U.S. economy.

Free trade deals moving

Oct 12, 2011
The deal with South Korea is the biggest moving through Congress, and some U.S. products would get a needed boost.

Congress poised to approve trade pacts

Oct 12, 2011
Trade deals with South Korea, Colombia and Panama are expected to boost exports by $13 billion dollars. But it's a toss up on the jobs front.

Senate passes bill to halt undervaluing of Chinese yuan

Oct 12, 2011
Complaints against China and its ability to undervalue its currency have made their way to the U.S. Senate. The bill would impose tariffs on imports from countries suspected of such monetary maneuvers.
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Congress could cut back on heating assistance to the poor

Oct 11, 2011
Cutting $1 billion from the heating program would leave two million households without aid.

Nobel Prize winners' research could inform U.S. economic policy

Oct 10, 2011
The work of professors Christopher Sims and Thomas Sargent, winners of this year's Nobel Prize in Economics, could help guide leaders in Washington towards solving our financial problems.

Erase student loans?

Oct 10, 2011
College students graduate with thousands of dollars in student loans. So, what would happen if we just eliminated that debt?
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