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Report: Conflicts of interest at Pentagon

Jun 10, 2009
Pentagon employees have gotten millions in free travel and lodging from groups with interest in shaping military policy, a study by the Center for Public Integrity has found. Bill Radke talks with the watchdog group's Bill Buzenberg.
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Job creation in focus for recovery

Jun 8, 2009
President Obama is promising to deliver 600,000 jobs through his economic recovery plan. Steve Chiotakis talks to Ashley Milne-Tyte about what kinds of jobs this would entail and how stimulus spending affects job creation.

More details on stimulus spending

Jun 8, 2009
President Obama and Vice President Biden are meeting with members of the Cabinet to lay out specific goals for how to spend stimulus money during the next several months. Ashley Milne-Tyte reports.

Insurers won't swallow competition pill

Jun 2, 2009
Insurers and drug companies say a government-run health plan would hurt the free market and drive them out of business. Health care reform advocates say that a little competition can be healthy. Danielle Karson reports.
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Public plans pressure private pricing

May 28, 2009
In the push for health care reform, the details for how a public plan would work are still a bit hazy. But one line of reasoning says the government could save billions by undercutting prices. Steve Henn reports.
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Interest groups battle over Sotomayor

May 27, 2009
Supreme Court nomination battles often give rise to big advertising and lots of cable chatter. As Steve Henn reports, that may be because some institutions have a big interest in egging on the fight.

Olympics could be a win for Chicago

May 27, 2009
If Chicago gets to host the 2016 summer games, President Obama would step in to help. Natalie Moore reports, and Steve Chiotakis talks to professor Stefan Szymanski from the Cass School of Business in London.
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Swine flu yields bad news for farmers

May 26, 2009
Farmers in the Southeast are worried they won't have enough help from seasonal migrant workers due to fallout from the swine flu. Janet Babin reports.
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Ushering in a new era for credit

May 22, 2009
Congress just passed a credit card consumer's bill of rights. But how will this new law protect card holders? Tess Vigeland and Connecticut Sen. Chris Dodd discuss the ins and out of the legislation.
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Credit bill of rights roundtable

May 22, 2009
So how will this new credit card bill of rights directly affect consumers? Tess Vigeland welcomes a variety of experts to sound off about the pros and cons about the new law.
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