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GOP picks 'exceptionally average' state

Aug 29, 2008
Republicans have chosen a backdrop for their convention -- Minnesota -- that reflects some of the same economic problems the country, and the new president, are going to have to deal with. Annie Baxter reports.

After speeches, money does the talking

Aug 28, 2008
Political party conventions are as much about money as platforms and funny hats. Politico's Jeanne Cummings is in Denver for the Democratic convention. She talks with Kai Ryssdal about the event's bottom line.

Denver's ambitions are a mile high

Aug 25, 2008
Denver's not a town that normally gets a whole lot of media attention, because it's far from bigger economic and political centers of power. But some in the city think they can show the rest of us the shape of our economic future. Jeremy Hobson reports.

A more activist approach from the Fed

Aug 21, 2008
The Federal Reserve's annual symposium is getting underway today in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, and the landscape looks a lot different from last year. Dan Grech explores the Fed's role as a lender of last resort to banks.
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Where campaign funds can't be tapped

Aug 21, 2008
Politicians have been using campaign accounts as personal legal defense funds for years. But Steve Henn reports in Senator David Vitter's prostitution case, the Federal Election Commission is starting to draw a line.

Convention donors have no limits

Aug 20, 2008
Campaign finance laws may limit the donations lawmakers can accept, but companies and unions can give as much as they want for conventions. Steve Henn looks into how much sponsors can get for a million dollars.

Do CEO endorsements mean anything?

Aug 15, 2008
When high profile CEOs contribute to a political campaign, what's more valuable: the money, or the weight of their support? Steve Henn explores the question and the political influence of CEOs in this economy.

Voters revved up over energy

Aug 11, 2008
Energy is the top issue for voters this year, and constituents are giving members of Congress an earful about the price of gas. But Danielle Karson reports things might not get done until after the election.

Obama can't help Clinton's debt

Aug 8, 2008
Barack Obama is trying to get his supporters to help Hillary Clinton get out of campaign debt. But even Obama's backing isn't getting her much. Steve Henn reports why Clinton is a tough sell to almost any buyer.

Mayors talk, future presidents listen

Aug 5, 2008
The U.S. Conference of Mayors wants to get the attention of the presidential candidates by talking about the biggest problems for their cities. Danielle Karson reports crime is a hot topic in today's Philadelphia meeting.



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