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U.S. checking contractor citizenship

Sep 4, 2009
Next week, government contractors will have to verify the citizenship of their employees by entering them into a database. But the process comes with its share of costs and complications. John Dimsdale reports.
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Social Security left without a boost

Aug 28, 2009
Social Security payments usually increase by a small amount each year to adjust for cost of living. But thanks to the recession, those living off the government-issued checks won't be seeing more dollar signs this year. Tamara Keith reports.
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Fed thinks disclosure is a bad idea

Aug 27, 2009
The Federal Reserve Board is trying to head off a court order to reveal, by the end of the month, which banks accepted trillions of dollars worth of emergency loans from the Fed to stay afloat. John Dimsdale reports

Kennedy focused on common people

Aug 26, 2009
Sen. Edward Kennedy, who died Tuesday at 77, was a man of privilege who dedicated himself to defending opportunities for workers, students and the sick. Marketplace's John Dimsdale takes a look back at Kennedy's economic philosophy.

Filling in the gaps of deficit projections

Aug 25, 2009
The 10-year projections of the federal deficit by the Congressional Budget Office and the White House's Office of Management and Budget differ by $2 trillion. Economics and law professor Alan Auerbach explains why they're so far apart.

Forecasts predict deficits in the trillions

Aug 25, 2009
The Congressional Budget Office and the White House Office of Management and Budget expect the federal government to add between $7 trillion and $9 trillion to the national debt over the next decade. How accurate can a 10-year projection be? John Dimsdale reports.

Bad news about the shrinking deficit

Aug 25, 2009
The federal government's 2009 projected deficit is expected to drop. But the news isn't all that good. Why? John Dimsdale reports.

Social Security payments to be frozen

Aug 24, 2009
Senior citizens and others who count on income from Social Security most likely won't get a cost-of-living adjustment in 2010 because the recession has put the brakes on inflation. But for many, the cost of living is still going up. Tamara Keith reports.
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Letters: Your opinions of the show

Aug 14, 2009
Tess Vigeland and producer Eve Troeh tell discuss listeners' comments about our coverage of mothers in the workplace, the Bank in L.A. program, and the term 'plain vanilla'.

Economy not falling, but not better yet

Aug 12, 2009
Almost two years after the recession started, things are officially not getting worse anymore. But even though the bleeding has stopped, the economy is still in intensive care. Steve Henn reports.