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The Republican debate: Social Security and minimum wage

Sep 8, 2011
The GOP candidates spent much of the evening debating their economic policies. Candidate Ron Paul called for the end of the minimum wage, while Rick Perry called Social Security a 'Ponzi scheme.'

Candidates take on welfare, the Fed at debate

Sep 8, 2011
The Republican presidential race continues to heat up. Big topics at last night's debate? The state of welfare, jobs and how the Federal Reserve has been handling the economy.

Tighter security for cargo shippers after 9/11

Sep 8, 2011
The shipping business considers the higher costs for security just part of the new normal.

Super-lobbying at super committee

Sep 8, 2011
Thousands of Washington lobbyists are scrambling to influence a congressional "super committee." What does that mean for cutting the deficit?

Did 9/11 make America less safe from natural disasters?

Sep 7, 2011
Has the shift in funding and disaster preparedness -- away from natural disasters and towards counter-terrorism -- made America less prepared for Mother Nature?

Jobs plan possible if Washington can reach political compromise

Sep 7, 2011
Jobs numbers continue to disappoint, but Washington keeps dragging without reaching any agreement to fix unemployment in the U.S. Will they soon start seeing eye-to-eye?

The Post Office knock-on effect

Sep 7, 2011
The U.S. Postal Service is pressing more than 20,000 suppliers for a total of $1 billion a year in cost cuts. Ouch.

Infographic: 9/11 ranks No. 2. on list of most costly catastrophes worldwide

Sep 7, 2011
This week, Marketplace explores the economic legacy of 9/11. One ripple we're investigating in a story Wednesday on Marketplace by Gregory Warner...
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No clear solution to U.S. jobs problem

Sep 6, 2011
As the jobs market stumbles, organizations from the U.S. Chamber of Congress to the White House are suggesting ideas to get Americans working again. But which idea has the best chance of working?

CFPB director confirmation will be an uphill battle

Sep 5, 2011
President Obama nominated Richard Cordray to be the director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But Republicans don't want there to be a director at all.