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Now you can draw state redistricting maps too

Jan 4, 2011
Congress begins a new session tomorrow. But some members of the House are wondering just how long they'll be keeping those seats. The process known as reapportionment is being taken up by legislatures in 18 states that will be gaining or losing congressional seats based on numbers in the 2010 census. We look at the technology that goes into guiding that process.
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New Fed members could end quantitative easing

Jan 3, 2011
New Federal Reserve members have been vocal in their criticism of Ben Bernanke's bond-buying technique. John Dimsdale explains how new Fed members could bring a premature end to quantitative easing.

Which government programs should get funded?

Dec 31, 2010
House Republicans are about to consider a proposal that will set money aside for highway maintenance, but that's just one of the government programs seeking funding right now. David Gura reports.

SEC and Dodd-Frank face delays

Dec 28, 2010
Congress recently passed a budget to keep spending levels the same as in 2010, but that won't account for the two new reform bills. The SEC and the Dodd-Frank Act are already feeling the results. David Gura reports.

House Republicans expected to adopt "cut as you go" rules

Dec 25, 2010
When the new Congress meets in January, Republicans are expected to adopt a "cut as you go" plan. It's a belief that tax cuts do not have to be offset with spending cuts. John Dimsdale reports.

The political buzzwords of 2010

Dec 24, 2010
Earmark, pork barrel, filibuster: we hear these words all the time in politics, but where did they come from? Steve Chiotakis talks to the Oxford English Dictionary's Jesse Sheidlower.

What the census says about the U.S.

Dec 21, 2010
The official numbers from the 2010 U.S. Census were released today. Mitchell Hartman takes a look at what the results say about the U.S. as a whole.
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Lack of federal funding makes laws difficult to implement

Dec 21, 2010
Federal agencies figure out how to implement legislation once they've been passed by Congress. But the lack of funding for agencies will mean that laws, like health care reform, may not be carried out properly.

Is quantitative easing working?

Dec 20, 2010
The Federal Reserve officially announced its plan for quantitative easing, to plow $600 billion into the economy, about six weeks ago. Is it working yet? Bob Moon reports.

Gov't spending bill facing big obstacles

Dec 17, 2010
The Senate's plan to fund the government through the next fiscal year failed to pass last night, and the budget is set to run out officially on Saturday. John Dimsdale reports on the government's plan B.