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Minnesota yet to feel full impact of government shutdown

Jul 12, 2011
Minnesota's government shutdown is now the longest state shutdown in at least a decade and there's no end in sight. Most Minnesotans aren't greatly affected by the shutdown -- yet. What will be the tipping point?

The debt talks: Democrats, Republicans and you

Jul 11, 2011
The latest in the political discourse concerning the debt ceiling, and what people on the streets are saying.

Investors prepare for a debt deal

Jul 11, 2011
Julia Coronado, chief economist with investment bank BNP Paribas, explains how investors are preparing for the possible debt debate conclusions, and how the markets could react.

The difference between a $2 trillion and a $4 trillion deficit cut

Jul 11, 2011
Mark Zandi, chief economist with Moody's Analytics, explains the political differences between the two options for deficit cutting, and what it would mean to miss the August 2 deadline.

Turning a profit on government bailouts

Jul 11, 2011
Fortune magazine's Allan Sloan explains his definition of a profit from the bailout, and how that profit will affect American taxpayers.

Deadlocked debt talks may move past 'grand bargains'

Jul 11, 2011
The national debt debates halted over the weekend as Congressional Democrats and Republicans reached a stalemate over tax cuts. As the deadline for a solution approaches, are investors getting nervous?

Goolsbee: Keep jobs report out of debt talks

Jul 8, 2011
The chairman of the White House Council of Economic Advisors tells Marketplace that lawmakers 'shouldn't be using data as a leverage point for negotiations' about the debt ceiling. But the weak jobs report should be 'a call to action' for White House and Congressional leaders.

Will a 9.2% unemployment rate add up to new calls for more stimulus?

Jul 8, 2011
Liberal economists say we're already seeing what happens when stimulus runs out: today's jobs report shows that government cut 39,000 jobs in June.

Playing with the unemployment numbers

Jul 8, 2011
Today's jobs stats are bad news for Americans. But there's a silver lining for politicians on Capitol Hill. Republicans and Democrats are using the data as leverage in their debate over whether or not to raise the debt ceiling.

Debt talks drag on

Jul 7, 2011
Congress has 13 days to do a deal on raising the debt ceiling. The president said today that Democrats and Republicans are still a long way apart. They continue to talk, and to inch towards an agreement -- they'll even work over the weekend.