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White House economist Alan Krueger on latest jobs report

Dec 2, 2011
America's unemployment rate for the month of November fell to 8.6 percent. We have reaction from a leading White House economist.
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Payroll tax cut extension still in limbo

Dec 2, 2011
Extending the payroll tax cut failed in the Senate over divisions on how to pay for it. If it isn't paid for, that diverts money from Social Security.
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November unemployment: Why the big drop?

Dec 2, 2011
The new jobs-added numbers were good, but they don't explain the big drop in the unemployment rate.
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Jobless rate falls to lowest level since 2009

Dec 2, 2011
The U.S. economy added 120,000 jobs in November. But the unemployment rate fell to 8.6 percent because many more people dropped out of the workforce.
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Minnesota in the black -- for now

Dec 2, 2011
An unexpected budget surplus sees Minnesota in the least for now.
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European leaders must still make drastic changes

Dec 1, 2011
The global stock market rally that sent the Dow up almost 500 points yesterday may be over, but France and Spain are offering some hope this morning that yesterday's coordinated action by central banks to ease credit is working.
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ECB actions similar to the Fed's in 2008

Dec 1, 2011
There is an ongoing effort to get the euro back to normal, and the crisis is looking more and more like the sub-prime mortgage crisis here in the U.S.
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PODCAST: Super Mario II

Dec 1, 2011
Markets are finally smiling again following the news yesterday that coordinated action will be taken by the world's central banks to ease credit and increase liquidity. In Illinois, state lawmakers have rejected a bill that would have offered millions of dollars in tax breaks to keep the Chicago Mercantile Exchange from leaving the state. And some economists say long-term benefits help the unemployed avoid reality.
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Generations of housing red tape

Dec 1, 2011
On the Pine Ridge reservation, buying a home can take decades, even if you have the money.
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The debts of households, companies and governments

Dec 1, 2011
And how they influence a country's GDP.
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