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How private campaign donations are effecting elections

Oct 7, 2011
After laws were passed allowing corporations, to spend unlimited amounts on campaign funding, North Carolina business owner Art Pope went to work to change the outcome of his state elections.

Secretary Geithner heads to Congress to report on U.S. financial system

Oct 6, 2011
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner heads to Congress today to deliver a report on the level of risk in the U.S. financial system.
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Congress takes up free trade bills

Oct 5, 2011
The administration says trade deals with South Korea, Panama and Colombia would create jobs. How exactly would that work with, say, Panama?

Borrow and build

Oct 5, 2011
The recovery doesn't feel like one. So how do we create economic growth?
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U.S. secretary of commerce on the importance of free trade deals

Oct 4, 2011
Trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea are on the table in Washington. We speak to Acting Secretary of Commerce Rebecca Blank about why we need to support such deals.

Suskind: Obama was too conciliatory during financial crisis

Oct 4, 2011
Obama has many new ideas on the table to help solve our economic problems in the U.S. But journalist Ron Suskin says in previous tough situations, Obama hasn't been tough enough.

Campaign finance, lobbying major roadblocks to effective government

Oct 4, 2011
In Lawrence Lessig's new book, he outlines how Washington has been corrupted by money, and how we can fix it.

Don't blame the Fed

Oct 4, 2011
Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke testified before a congressional committee today about the economy, and what the Fed is doing to promote growth.
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Florida bans the sale of tobacco in prisons

Oct 3, 2011
Florida joins 25 other states that have banned smoking in prison. It'll save millions of dollars in hospital bills for smoking-related illnesses.

Florida moves up presidential primary

Oct 3, 2011
This swing state wants more clout in the nominating process. Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina might move up their dates too. That has financial as well as political implications.