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PODCAST: The ECB's bond-buying plan, McDonald's goes all-veggie

Sep 6, 2012
Despite -- or maybe because of -- recent mass shootings in the U.S., gun manufacturers are reporting peak profits. The European Central Bank announces a bond-buying plan. McDonald's is opening two all-vegetarian restaurants in India. David Gura reports on a father and son in North Carolina who have differing views on the upcoming election. And Gallup asked American workers how satisfied they were with 13 aspects of their jobs.

Planned layoffs drop to lowest level in two years

Sep 6, 2012
According to job placement firm Challenger Gray & Christmas, the number of planned layoffs at U.S. companies dropped 37 percent from a year ago.
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Most Americans feel satisfied with their jobs

Sep 6, 2012
Gallup's latest polls reveal only 1 in 10 Americans say that they are dissatisfied with their jobs. It's a major jump from the results from two decades ago.
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Europe's big bond bet and what it means for the U.S.

Sep 5, 2012
Europe will likely announce a big bond-buying program tomorrow. The U.S. Fed will be watching.
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PODCAST: Nokia's new Windows phone, productivity rises

Sep 5, 2012
Nokia unveils new smartphone today, loaded with Microsoft's new operating system. U.S. productivity rose last quarter. Next Monday, Chicago public school teachers may vote to walk off the job, marking the first big strike since 2006. FedEx downgrades its quarterly earnings. We look into the marketing of high school athletes. And China ponders the need for a stimulus package.

U.S. productivity rose 2.2% last quarter

Sep 5, 2012
That's more than originally thought, and it means that businesses are doing more with less.
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How housing affects car sales

Sep 4, 2012
As car makers report higher sales, a strengthening housing market can play a role.
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PODCAST: Auto sales, austerity and the economy

Sep 4, 2012
Automakers are enjoying a good earning season. Analysts look to the UK for insight into Paul Ryan's proposed deficit cuts, and Hillary Clinton heads to Beijing to talk economy.
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Auto sale increase also boosts auto jobs

Sep 4, 2012
The steady increase in auto sales is also fueling a boom in auto employment—everything from dealerships, to auto suppliers and assembly plants
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Auto sales kick in to a higher gear

Sep 4, 2012
Pent-up demand for new cars, better financing options for buyers, better fuel efficiency, and a rising price of used cars continue to boost car sales.
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