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Watching the Fed

Jan 24, 2012
Tomorrow the Federal Reserve Bank will let all 17 members of its committee publicly reveal they think will happen to interest rates in the coming months and years. Will this be good news for nervous markets?
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Misery Index falls

Jan 24, 2012
Americans are far less miserable than we were last summer, according to the Augmented Misery Index.
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Checking in with the long-term unemployed

Jan 24, 2012
Jai Damian joined us back in September when the president gave his big jobs speech. Now she's here to update us on her job search and discuss what she hopes to hear from the president in the State of the Union.
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What is an effective tax rate?

Jan 24, 2012
News is out this morning that Mitt Romney's effective tax rate is around 14 percent. But that's a different tax rate calculation than the one you're probably familiar with.
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State of the Union: Obama to accentuate the positive

Jan 23, 2012
Tomorrow night's State of the Union address will ride recent, positive economic news and offer job training, education programs.
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Stamp prices to cost a cent more

Jan 20, 2012
The conventional wisdom is that stamp prices go up faster than the rise in inflation, but over the long haul, that may not be the case.
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South Carolina CEO explains the state economy

Jan 20, 2012
Leading into the South Carolina primary, we speak to one CEO in the state to help explain what people there are most concerned about.
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Venture capitalism on the rise in recent months

Jan 20, 2012
A new report shows that tech companies are attracting more start up money, as venture capital funding rose 19 percent in the last part of 2011.
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PODCAST: General Electric and General Motors

Jan 20, 2012
As the South Carolina primary draws near, four GOP contenders remain. How does Rick Santorum stand out from the pack? Smart phone users continue to eat up data, with no signs of slowing down. IKEA continues to thrive despite the economic problems in Europe. And postage stamps are about to cost just a wee bit more.

Existing home sales up for 2011

Jan 20, 2012
Slightly stronger pre-loved home sales made 2011 a better year for realtors, but a “shadow inventory” still lurks.
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