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Holidays will bring more hiring

Oct 1, 2012
Several big retailers will increase their ranks of seasonal workers, as consumer spending picks up.
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PODCAST: Manufacturing highs and lows, cuteness helps concentration

Oct 1, 2012
Today the Greek government is expected to unveil its 2013 budget. Some argue it's time for Greece to leave the eurzone. Manufacturing in China and Japan looks gloomy, and things aren't much better in Europe. A European index showed manufacturing activity shrank for the 14th straight month. Plus, we look at the strategy behind the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve, the new store at Dallas Cowboys Stadium, and why looking at cute puppies and kitties at work could help you concentrate.

Marketplace Live: What a difference four years does not make

Sep 28, 2012
Subprime Meltdown. The Collapse of Lehman Brothers. Too Big To Fail. Those headlines dominated the global news in 2008. But how are they playing out this election year?
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Weekly Wrap: BofA pays and the Labor Dept. delivers

Sep 28, 2012
New York bureau chief Heidi Moore and CNBC's John Carney discuss Bank of America's recent settlement, new figures from the Department of Labor and what their economic guts are telling them this week.
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The fiscal cliff explained (with help from Hollywood)

Sep 28, 2012
You've heard warnings about the economic disaster that could happen if Congress fails to avoid a fiscal cliff. But what is the fiscal cliff anyway? Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch enlists the support of his friends Thelma and Louise in this three-minute explanation.
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PODCAST: Bank of America shells out, Nickelodeon half-shells out and there are no clams for the junk-store Renoir

Sep 28, 2012
Bank of America will pay $2.4 billion to shareholders as part of a settlement announced this morning, but isn't admitting any wrongdoing. It's time for 80's kids to "wax" nostalgic at the revival of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles -- and time for Apple Ping-ers to mourn the loss of the fledgling social network. American Airlines is threatening to take its pilots' union to court, accusing the pilots of disrupting flights by calling in sick and calling for unnecessary maintenance. And for the second straight year, fewer students enrolled in U.S. graduate schools.

PODCAST: NFL referees return, another round of Spanish budget cuts

Sep 27, 2012
The NFL has reached an agreement to end a lockout of referees. The league will give existing referees much of what they want for the next few years -- including a defined pension plan and a pay raise. In Spain, an ambitious new budget plan calls for more austerity. U.S. jobless claims fell last week to its lowest level in more than nine months. A report from the Pew Research Center says U.S. student loan debt is rising sharply. And how much does a voter's income determine his or her vote?

Spain gets serious with budget plan, mixed U.S. economic data

Sep 27, 2012
Spain has unveiled an ambitious budget plan. Will it be enough to get the job done? Meanwhile, what does the mixed economic data in the U.S. mean for the economy?
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Defense layoffs or bluff?

Sep 27, 2012
Contractors say 'fiscal cliff' could force layoffs; legal deadline for pink slips looms
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San Bernardino struggles after bankruptcy

Sep 27, 2012
Long struggling, San Bernardino couldn't weather the storm of the 2008 recession. The city of more than 200,000 has declared bankruptcy, and that's just one of the big problems it's facing.
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