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A McDonald's employee prepares an order at a McDonald's restaurant in San Francisco, California

McDonald's to boost wages for 90,000 workers

Apr 1, 2015
Average hourly wages will rise to $9.90 for 1,500 locations the company runs directly.
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 Indiana Gov. Mike Pence speaks during a press conference March 31, 2015 at the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis, Indiana.

How discrimination fits into the business model

Apr 1, 2015
Businesses can bounce unwanted customers, but not whole classes of customers.
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Dayton bucks a population decline

Apr 1, 2015
Welcoming immigrants has helped Dayton reverse its economic prospects.
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Income inequality is affecting life expectancy

Apr 1, 2015
Here are the numbers we're watching and reading for Wednesday.
A house clearly marked for sale in Park Ridge, Illinois.

Do higher home prices mean the market is rebounding?

Mar 31, 2015
The answer is complicated, thanks to that basic economic rule: supply and demand.
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Facebook holds talks with at least half a dozen media companies about hosting their content.

The one with all the Facebook friends

Mar 31, 2015
Here are the numbers we're watching and reading for on Tuesday.
A foreclosure sign

When foreclosure cases drag on for years

Mar 30, 2015
Homeowners may find themselves living mortgage-free for life
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A restaurant tab

In an age of equality, who should pay for dates?

Mar 30, 2015
Women rarely pick up the tab on first dates, even those out-earning the man
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World leaders gathered at the G20 Summit late last year to discuss economic growth, which undoubtedly excluded their own economic fortunes.

A dingo ate my international leader's passport

Mar 30, 2015
Here are the numbers we're reading and watching for Monday.

Women lag in well-paid blue-collar jobs

Mar 27, 2015
There are programs to train more women for those jobs, but progress is slow.
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