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President Barack Obama speaks to US Trade Representative Ron Kirk  during a meeting with Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) leaders at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit in Honolulu, Hawaii back in 2011.

Make DeLauro's TPP vote a 'Nay'

Oct 8, 2015
The Democrat from Connecticut says the trade deal will send U.S. jobs overseas.
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Seizing boats may not stop dangerous crossings

Oct 7, 2015
The EU is searching and seizing suspected smuggling boats in the Mediterranean.
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Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe speaks during a press conference at Abe's official residence in Tokyo on Tuesday. Abe announced on Monday that a dozen nations had reached a "broad agreement" on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which aims to become the wor

How the TPP will drive domestic reform in Asia

Oct 7, 2015
Leaders in Japan and Vietnam now have cover for unpopular economic overhauls.
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Africa could face severe drought due to El Nino

Oct 7, 2015
The weather phenomenon could threaten Africa's food security.
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Feeling lucky? Bet on the Nobel Prize for literature

Oct 7, 2015
An author from Belarus is among the favorites on overseas gambling sites.
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Japan's Economic Minister Akira Amari answers questions from reporters upon his arrival at his office ahead of talks with visiting U.S. Trade Representative Michael Froman.

Who said what about the TPP

Oct 6, 2015
Everyone had an opinion about a complex deal that hasn't even been made public yet.
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The ins and outs of the TPP

Oct 6, 2015
Who's in? Who's out? And what's next in the multi-year saga of this massive trade deal
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Why China won't be joining the TPP... for now

Oct 6, 2015
The world's second-largest economy has been quietly watching from the sidelines.
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The tough road from Bhutan refugee camp to the US

Oct 5, 2015
Many of the refugees have never worked and have had little to no education.
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Compromises over drug deals proved to be one of the hardest components of coming to an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In the end, the real hurdle to a TPP deal was drugs

Oct 5, 2015
Talks came down to a fight between intellectual property and access to medicine.
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