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PODCAST: U.S. sanctions won't hurt Russia

Mar 4, 2014
President Obama face an uphill battle in getting more funding for early childhood development. And the Fed takes a more personal approach in New England.
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In Crimea, fears of violence

Mar 3, 2014
The arrival of Russian troops in Crimea have increased tensions in the region.

Russia's economy isn't doing so well, either

Mar 3, 2014
As tensions rise in Ukraine, the Russian economy is feeling the effects.
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PODCAST: Markets react to Ukraine

Mar 3, 2014
We look at the economics of Russia's military moves in Ukraine. And, car sales lagged as winter weather put a chill on car buyers, so automakers are letting their discounts run a little longer.
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Can shipping containers solve London's housing crisis?

Mar 3, 2014
Rent for old steel containers costs just $400 per month.
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How much influence does the U.S. have on Russia's economy?

Mar 3, 2014
Some critics of Russia's move on the Crimea say the U.S. should consider economic sanctions. But the U.S. doesn't do much business with Russia.
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The economics of Russia's moves in Ukraine

Mar 3, 2014
With Russia seizing control in Southern Ukraine, some of the geo-economics of the tension.
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Is Puerto Rico the new Greece?

Mar 3, 2014
Puerto Rico is issuing $3.5 billion worth of bonds this month and investors are hungry to buy.
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Beef Prices, beefed up

Feb 28, 2014
Beef prices are at record highs and they're only steering north from here

Ukrainian protests follow oligarchs to London

Feb 28, 2014
Mansions outside of Ukraine are drawing charges of corruption as well
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