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Costa Rica retirement not always tropical paradise

May 31, 2013
Americans retirees are drawn to Costa Rica's biodiversity, political stability, and cheap health care.
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Look past the headlines: Horse meat is cheaper, healthier

Feb 15, 2013
A major scandal in Europe over horsemeat is having an unexpected consequence in Britain: A surge in sales of horseburgers.
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Rep. Congressman Dave Camp on tax cuts and unemployment

Dec 2, 2010
Jeremy Hobson speaks to Republican Congressman Dave Camp about the House of Representative's vote to extend the Bush era tax cuts, and unemployment.

Road Warriors: Tim Westergren

Jul 6, 2010
In our new series "Road Warriors," producer Michael Raphael introduces us to some of our listeners' soundtracks when they're out on the road. We kick off the series with Tim Westergren, founder and Chief Strategy Officer of, the online radio company that's made waves by using mathematical algorithms to guess what music you want to hear.

Warehouse clubs scream 'bargain!'

Feb 12, 2010
Reporter Rachel Dornhelm investigates how warehouse stores lure you in and get you to stock up big.

FedEx and UPS spar over union rights

Jul 16, 2009
UPS and FedEx are in a battle over unions. UPS lobbied for FedEx teamsters to have the right to organize, a move FedEx is resisting. Dan Grech reports.

Getting Personal

Jun 20, 2008
In this edition of Getting Personal, Chris and Tess talk about buying a house with cash, consolidating student loans, taking on new credit card debt and transfering a Roth IRA.

Margaret Thatcher's foes turned anger into big business, and a soundtrack for the '80s

Apr 8, 2013
From punk rock to TV satires such as Spitting Image, many of those who set out to pillory Margaret Thatcher for her policies made a nice living doing so. Listen to the soundtrack that hate created.
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Nuclear Regulatory Commission releases audio of Fukushima disaster

Feb 21, 2012
Alex Chadwick, host of "BURN: An Energy Journal," discusses the conversations at the NRC as the agency became aware of last year's nuclear disaster in Japan.
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Psst... Where's the Revolution?

Mar 10, 2011
No jasmine here. I've put the blogging on hold to focus on a reporting trip up North in Beijing (more to follow on that front)...



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