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A look at tax cuts, entitlements

Sep 20, 2010
Julia Coronado, chief economist for North America at BNP Paribas, talks with Bill Radke about whether increasing taxes on anyone right now, including the top earners, would slow this economy and kill jobs.

India's tea farmers see hope in co-ops

Sep 14, 2010
India's tea trade hasn't changed much in 150 years, since British colonials started cultivating it there. But changes are brewing. Raymond Thibodeaux reports.
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Bernanke and the 12 regional Fed presidents

Aug 26, 2010
Bill Radke talks to Ellen Zentner, senior economist at the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi, about the dissension among the Fed's regional presidents and Bernanke.

Children keep Egypt's cotton spinning

Jul 7, 2010
Egypt is famous for its cotton. Vendors around the world boast of their luxurious Egyptian cotton sheets. But on many small farms, children are involved in all parts of cotton farming. Julia Simon reports.

Going green when you're not rich

Apr 16, 2010
Reporter Adrienne Hill explores what those with modest incomes, even the unemployed, are doing to curb their environmental impact.

China's play with money seen as threat

Mar 16, 2010
Some members of Congress want stiff penalties levied against China for manipulating the value of its currency to boost its exports and make U.S. imports harder to sell. Bob Moon reports.

Cash for Work helps Haitians rebuild

Feb 17, 2010
Haiti's unemployment rate was already above 50% before the earthquake hit. Now some organizations are investing in cash-for-work programs that give Haitians much-needed training and jobs. Sabri Ben-Achour reports.

Bank gives Bhutan lifeline to the world

Feb 2, 2010
In the tiny Buddhist kingdom of Bhutan, the first commercial bank has just opened its doors -- and the entrepreneurial Bhutanese are delighted. Bill Radke talks to Lisa Napoli, who is in the country's capital of Thimphu.

Getting Personal

Jan 8, 2010
Tess Vigeland and Nic Retsinas, director of Harvard University's Joint Center for Housing Studies, answer listeners' housing questions.

Africans tough it out in Argentina

Jan 5, 2010
Closed doors in Europe and America are pushing Africans to find new destinations, including South America. But what they find in Buenos Aires is not always what they expect. Ian Mount reports.



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