Web pioneer John McAfee caught in murder mystery

A Facebook page belonging to John McAfee (pictured). McAfee, founder of the eponymous anti-virus company, is on the run for killing another U.S. citizen in a resort town, Belizean police said Monday.

CORRECTION: An earlier version of this article incorrectly attributed the authorship of a statement on Wired.com. John McAfee posted to proclaim his innocence. The text has been updated.

In the small Central American nation of Belize this past Saturday night, an American named Gregory Faull was found shot in the back of the head. John McAfee, one of the first developers of anti-virus software for your computer, is one of the suspects in the crime, which took place on the island of Ambergris Caye.

The story of his involvement came to light this morning on Gizmodo.com. Jeff Wise authored the piece and wrote: "McAfee has become increasingly estranged from his fellow expatriates in recent years. His behavior has become increasingly erratic, and by his own admission he had begun associating with some of the most notorious gangsters in Belize."

Wise has been studying McAfee for years now, documenting his strange journey from computer pioneer to shadowy figure.

"Here's a guy who had everything," Wise told Marketplace. "He walked away from this company he founded with millions and millions of dollars, he was in the prime of life, he could do whatever he wanted to do. And the tragedy is that a certain [type of] person put in that situation...it will ruin them."

McAfee surfaced this afternoon to proclaim his innocence in an exclusive interview on Wired.com.

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A bizarre story indeed!

The last paragraph in the piece above, it should read "McAfee surfaced..."not "Wise surfaced..."


You did yourself a disservice with your reporting on this story today.
You and Jeff both by not mentioning McAffee's drug use.

Earlier in the day I followed a link to Jeff's story on Gizmodo off of a tweet from John Perry Barlow. That story, while somewhat rambling, detailed quite a bit about McAffee's involvement with MPDA or bath salts. Jeff brought up the issue of paranoia stemming from the use of such a drug.

By not including those details in your report on the radio you put me, an audience member, into an odd state. I had to go back and determine if the article I read was by Jeff. And when I found it was by him you put me into a position of wondering why you and Jeff didn't mention it.

I already have enough problems in my day. Are you doing a show where you don't mention drug use? What else do you leave out of your reports?

Audience members of public radio have access to many information sources. By mumbling this up you attack your creditability.

You see where I'm going here.

You have a good show. I've been listening for years. Don't do this sort of thing.

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