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Worries grow over cuts to unemployment aid

Nov 26, 2012
During the recession, Congress lengthened unemployment aid to a maximum of 99 weeks. If not renewed, the current extension will expire at the end of the year.
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Rally suggests fiscal cliff deal is done

Nov 19, 2012
Wall Street rallies on optimism that a deal will be reached to avoid the fiscal cliff. Nevermind that Congress is on recess and Obama is in Asia.
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Congressional leaders meet about the fiscal cliff

Nov 16, 2012
The Weekly Wrap dissects today's meeting at the White House over the fiscal cliff.
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Whither the mortgage interest tax deduction?

Nov 16, 2012
Tweaks to homeowner deduction -- seen as cornerstone of American Dream -- could be part of 'cliff' deal.
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No fiscal cliff solution could mean increase in capital gains

Nov 16, 2012
Without a fiscal cliff solution, capital gains taxes will increase by two-thirds in 2013. How are investors gearing up for the possible increase?
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The fiscal cliff could increase state revenues

Nov 16, 2012
If federal lawmakers can't agree on tax deductions, states could have a larger pool of money to tax.
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The effects of a short-term 'cliff'

Nov 15, 2012
Even a brief slide off the 'fiscal cliff' is likely to reverberate through the economy.
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UPS CEO: Failure to resolve fiscal cliff will impact jobs

Nov 15, 2012
UPS CEO Scott Davis shares his views on the fiscal cliff, compromise, and how his company will adjust if Congress can't strike a deal.
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Business loses little sleep over fiscal cliff

Nov 13, 2012
Headlines aside, many businesspeople play down the threat of the fiscal cliff. Some worry a political compromise could be worse.
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Banks absent from Obama business gathering

Nov 13, 2012
American Express is the only financial services firm to attend the president's CEO meeting on the fiscal cliff.
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Bush-era tax cuts expiring. Government spending on military and social services on the chopping block. Is the U.S. economy headed for a fiscal cliff?