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Surviving Sandy in Brigantine, New Jersey

Nov 2, 2012
There is no normal in New Jersey this week: Evacuation orders prevent some from returning home and Atlantic City’s bright lights shine, while stop lights are dark.
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Keeping cloud computing reliable in the storm, and Russia's new Internet surveillance program

Nov 2, 2012
One of the most common images of this week's hurricane, power-sharing: People huddling with their phones and laptops plugged into power strips set up in bank foyers, coffee shops, or dangled helpfully out windows.
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After Sandy, the marathon must go on

Nov 2, 2012
The New York City Marathon will go off as scheduled Sunday morning as the city still deals with clean up, massive power outages, and limited transit services.
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Telecommuting takes center stage

Nov 2, 2012
Superstorm Sandy has many companies rethinking flexible scheduling plans.
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How people behave after a crisis like Hurricane Sandy

Nov 2, 2012
Professor Dan Ariely discusses why there's an altruistic feeling following a crisis and what happens when everyone is going after a few limited resources.
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Sandy strands elderly in New York highrises

Nov 1, 2012
New York is boosting food deliveries to elderly residents stuck in powerless high-rise buildings. Nonprofits are scrambling to help too.
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AT&T and T-Mobile combine service in storm zone

Nov 1, 2012
But is the move by the rival phone companies more about business than helping out?
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Atlantic City struggles to reboot after Sandy

Nov 1, 2012
In Atlantic City on the New Jersey shore, the casinos remain closed and are estimated to be losing $5 million a day. Residents are still coping with the aftermath of the storm -- digging out, rebuilding, and waiting to get back online.
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Rebuilding after Sandy in an age of austerity

Nov 1, 2012
All the state governments in the path of Sandy say they’re going to rebuild infrastructure. In this age of budget austerity, where will the money come from?
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Send in the phone drones

Nov 1, 2012
AT&T and T-Mobile say they have temporarily jury-rigged their network in parts of the Northeast so that customers who can't reach their normal cellphone connection can use the rival's tower without extra charge.
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