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Only one cheer for Bush proposal

Jan 24, 2007
Every new public policy creates its winners and its losers. Commentator Robert Reich says, when it comes to making winners of consumers, the president's healthcare proposal falls short.
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Congress still runs on legalized bribery

Jan 17, 2007
Ethics and lobbying reform are getting a lot of play on the Hill this week, but commentator Robert Reich says the legislation on the table isn't going to change how the system works in Washington.
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Against Big Pharma, Dems act wimpy

Jan 10, 2007
Robert Reich says a Democratic plan to let the federal government negotiate with drug companies for lower Medicare prescription costs doesn't go far enough.

No new tax breaks

Jan 3, 2007
Congress is expected to increase the minimum wage after Democrats take control this week. President Bush wants tax breaks for small businesses as a concession, but Robert Reich says that's just not necessary.
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A year in the troughs

Dec 27, 2006
Robert Reich takes a hard view of 2006's bribes, bonuses and scandals in Congress and the corporate world.

Not all charity is created equal

Dec 20, 2006
Americans are expected to give a collective record $200 billion in charitable donations this year. But commentator Robert Reich says we need to limit tax deductions for donations to <i>real</i> charities.
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Control doesn't mean power

Dec 13, 2006
In January, Democrats will take charge on Capitol Hill. But commentator Robert Reich says don't look to them to change the things they campaigned against.

If it ain't broke <nobr>. . .</nobr>

Dec 6, 2006
Commentator Robert Reich says all this talk about Wall Street losing its competitiveness is nonsense &mdash; and that the regulations many want to kill provide the very security that attracts foreign money to U.S. markets.

Bring Big Pharma to the table

Nov 29, 2006
Democrats want to use Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices for seniors. Republicans and drug companies say it'll amount to government price controls. Commentator Robert Reich says that's absurd.
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Paulson's folly

Nov 22, 2006
Commentator Robert Reich says Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson is wrong when he blames strict accounting rules in the U.S. for fueling private acquisition of publicly-held companies.


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