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U.S. needs a prescription for gun control

Apr 18, 2007
When a seriously depressed person requires an antidepressant, he needs a doctor's permission. If a person wants to buy a gun, he needs only two forms of ID. Commentator Robert Reich has some thoughts about that.
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Direct student loans only, please

Apr 11, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says the federal direct student loan program works well, so we should stop having taxpayers pay more to subsidize loans issued by banks and other private lenders.

Budget dodges killer asteroids

Mar 28, 2007
Hard choices have to be made as Congress hammers out a new budget, but Robert Reich wonders why lawmakers aren't throwing more cash NASA's way to protect us from planetary destruction — and why other countries aren't pitching in.
Posted In: Science

Control CEO pay by taxing the very rich

Mar 21, 2007
Investors at more than 50 companies now say they want a voice in how much the CEO makes. But commentator Robert Reich thinks shareholders are irrelevant to the real issue.

Let's keep candidates off Wall Street

Mar 14, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says as presidential candidates spend less time at coffee klatches and more time talking to investment bankers, the American people are getting short-changed.
Posted In: Wall Street

China practices some power politics

Mar 7, 2007
Beijing's announcement that it's increasing military spending got some attention in Washington. Commentator Robert Reich explains that's just what the Chinese wanted.
Posted In: Canada

Workers need stronger unionizing rights

Feb 28, 2007
The Employee Free Choice Act would make a major change in how workers choose whether to join a union — the first such change since 1935. Commentator Robert Reich says it's about time.
Posted In: Jobs, Washington

Everybody profits from fair-labor standards

Feb 21, 2007
Democrats on Capitol Hill are pushing for fair-labor standards to be attached to all international trade agreements. Commentator Robert Reich says those standards would be good for both sides.
Posted In: Canada

Forget balancing the budget

Feb 14, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says all the politicking over balancing the federal budget is an exercise in accounting futility that doesn't necessarily lead to smarter spending or borrowing.

Make the oil companies pay

Feb 7, 2007
The U.S. is going to have trouble funding alternative energy if it waits for a carbon tax. Commentator Robert Reich says we should look to oil companies to provide the money.



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