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Even he's still waiting for his passport

Jun 13, 2007
It seems there are no exceptions to passport complications, not even for a former high-ranking federal official like commentator Robert Reich. He tells his story.
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Before we let in the world's best and brightest . . .

Jun 6, 2007
Robert Reich says he's all for immigration, but he worries the immigration bill now pending in Congress is going to hurt qualified Americans looking for jobs, not to mention higher salaries.
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Private equity tax loophole, take two

May 24, 2007
Robert Reich got a lotta mail about his suggestion to tax private equity earnings as income. Seems folks think fund managers would just move that money offshore instead. He says if that's the case, they should follow their cash and get the heck out.
Posted In: Taxes, Wall Street

Student loans on a graduated scale

May 16, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says that by changing the rules on how student loans are paid off, more graduates could pursue their true callings and enrich their communities.

Close the private equity tax loophole now

May 9, 2007
The Senate Finance Committee considers this week whether money made by private equity partners should be taxed as income instead of capital gains. Commentator Robert Reich says you better believe it.
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Wall Street's up, Main Street's down

May 2, 2007
The Dow, NASDAQ and the S&P 500 have been on quite a run recently. But commentator Robert Reich would like to point out that raw stock market numbers have little to do with the economy most of us live in.
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Getting canned is easy — in the private sector

Apr 25, 2007
Yet again several public officials in Washington are embroiled in scandal. Yet again they've managed to hang onto their jobs. But dealing with controversy is a lot less complicated in corporate America, points out Robert Reich.
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U.S. needs a prescription for gun control

Apr 18, 2007
When a seriously depressed person requires an antidepressant, he needs a doctor's permission. If a person wants to buy a gun, he needs only two forms of ID. Commentator Robert Reich has some thoughts about that.
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Direct student loans only, please

Apr 11, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says the federal direct student loan program works well, so we should stop having taxpayers pay more to subsidize loans issued by banks and other private lenders.

Budget dodges killer asteroids

Mar 28, 2007
Hard choices have to be made as Congress hammers out a new budget, but Robert Reich wonders why lawmakers aren't throwing more cash NASA's way to protect us from planetary destruction — and why other countries aren't pitching in.
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