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Foreign investments are just bailouts

Feb 27, 2008
As the U.S. banking system continues to get into more trouble, the government has responded by buying up stake in the failing companies. But Robert Reich reports the governments doing the owning are overseas.

U.S. should define its secret technology

Feb 20, 2008
Commentator Robert Reich says that when it comes to technology the government doesn't know what should be sold to foreign countries and what should be kept secret.
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The real Google versus Microsoft fight

Feb 13, 2008
Microsoft versus Google looms as a great corporate battle this year. But commentator Robert Reich says the real power players in the deal are the armies of lobbyists and lawyers Google and Microsoft have in Washington.

Don't leave demand out of the equation

Jan 30, 2008
A provision in the economic stimulus bill calls for a tax deduction on the cost of new machinery. But commentator Robert Reich says businesses won't invest in production equipment when there's no demand for their product.

U.S. economy needs help from abroad

Jan 23, 2008
Commentator Robert Reich says an economic stimulus plan combined with Fed rate cuts can't hurt, but loans and investments from other countries will be the only way to avoid recession or worse.

Don't blame China for the trade deficit

Jan 16, 2008
Congress may be tempted to threaten China with tariffs unless they raise the value of the yuan, but commentator Robert Reich says this sort of move misses the real source of the problem.

A good candidate connects the dots

Jan 9, 2008
If you're a voter who picks a candidate by lining up the various policy proposals and ticking them off in a list of pros and cons, commentator Robert Reich has a warning: Take a close look at how your candidate's ideas connect.

Don't thank me for my patience

Jan 2, 2008
If you had to wait for a service over the holiday, you probably had someone say "Thank you for your patience." Commentator Robert Reich says we should stop being thanked and start billing them for our time.

How much rope to escape foreclosure?

Dec 19, 2007
When people are drowning, it's said that Republicans will extend too little rope, and Democrats too much. When it comes to foreclosures, commentator Robert Reich sees the same thing happening. He offers this suggestion.

Middle class is out of ways to cope

Dec 5, 2007
New polls suggest the biggest issue for voters is the economy. Commentator Robert Reich points to the middle class, and the fact that it's run out of ways to cope with its financial troubles.



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