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Examining the insurer-government bout

Oct 21, 2009
The House Judiciary Committee has voted to strip health insurance companies of their ability to get together and fix prices, and the Senate plans to do the same. Commentator Robert Reich examines the skirmish between government and private insurers.

How will Great Recession shape youth?

Oct 14, 2009
Those who endured the Great Depression sought job security. How will a weak job market impact the current generation, which is struggling to find work? Commentator David Frum suggests a focus on the skill level of the population.

Will health care reform pass Senate?

Oct 2, 2009
The Senate will cast a final, formal vote on health care reform early next week. What are the chances of a reform bill passing? Pretty good, according to Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich, who gives Steve Chiotakis a congressional play-by-play.

More regulation isn't the only answer

Sep 30, 2009
The House is inching closer to a vote on regulation proposals for the financial system. But commentator David Frum says we may need to think beyond regulation to prevent the next crisis.

Health costs hurt incomes in Bush years

Sep 16, 2009
With information from a recent report, we may finally be able to reach a verdict on President George W. Bush's economic record. Commentator David Frum doesn't like what he sees.

Four simple steps to health care reform

Sep 2, 2009
In an effort to seal a deal on health care reform, President Obama may just be on the brink of giving up on a government insurance plan. But Commentator David Frum says much of the reform comes down to individuals.
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My sobering summer road trip

Aug 26, 2009
Even on vacation, economists can't help themselves: They think about money. Commentator Robert Reich tells us what his recent road trip with his son taught him about the state of the U.S. economy.
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Baby boomers hold the key to recovery

Aug 19, 2009
Commentator David Frum says we should all be paying attention to how the baby boomers handle their assets as they enter retirement age, because they will affect what the economic recovery looks like.

Big Pharma deal sets bad precedent

Aug 12, 2009
Last week's news of a deal between the White House and big pharmaceutical companies over drug pricing struck some as a step too far. Commentator Robert Reich explains how this could change future health care legislation.

Canada's got the stimulus plan right

Aug 5, 2009
Canada is faring much better during the recession than the U.S. for a number of reasons, including government policy. Commentator David Frum thinks American lawmakers have a few things to learn from the Canadian stimulus package.



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