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The Fed can already help subprime

Nov 21, 2007
As Congress searches for ways to clean up the subprime mess and prevent a future one, commentator Robert Reich says the Fed already has the authority to do just that. It just needs to pay more attention.

WGA strike a digital dilemma

Nov 7, 2007
The writers' union strike started this week and the television reruns have already begun. But this strike's not about labor. Commentator Robert Reich explains why entertainment is dealing with a more creative issue.

Don't support a conflict of interest

Oct 24, 2007
Congress is looking into why credit-rating agencies gave high ratings to securities backed by subprime mortgages. Commentator Robert Reich says the answer is clear.

Get rid of U.S. farm subsidies

Oct 10, 2007
Regardless of which party controls Congress, farm subsidies keep going and growing. But commentator Robert Reich says they cost too much and don't go to the farmers who need them.

Sliding dollar hurts American consumer

Sep 26, 2007
The U.S. dollar may be down at a record low against the euro, but why does that matter if you're not traveling? Commentator Robert Reich explains a ripple effect that amounts to much more than a pricier vacation.

Fed moves leave the little guy stuck

Sep 19, 2007
The Fed has done its bit to help out the mortgage-induced credit crunch by lowering interest rates. Commentator Robert Reich says that's great for lenders and investors, but it won't do a thing for the little guy.
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An interest rate cut won't stop recession

Sep 12, 2007
The Fed will meet Tuesday to decide whether to cut interest rates. But commentator Robert Reich says an interest rate cut won't help curb a recession -- though a tax cut could.

Low prices come with low wages

Aug 29, 2007
What'd you pay for that grill? As you enjoy a long weekend and Labor Day barbeques, Robert Reich suggests you think about how we as a nation traded in a unionized workforce with the bargaining clout to get higher wages for cheap goods and services.
Posted In: Jobs, Retail

China, U.S. need free-market police

Aug 22, 2007
There's been some talk that all the problems China is having with manufacturing can be traced to its get-rich economic system. But commentator Robert Reich says our brand of free market isn't squeaky clean either.

Down with financial entrepreneurs

Aug 15, 2007
Commentator Robert Reich says the full-blown credit crisis of recent weeks is the price we're paying for letting financial entrepreneurs take over our economy, a problem that's not going away unless we level the playing field.
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