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Auction off the right to pollute

May 28, 2008
All three presidential candidates are in support of cap-and-trade, but a closer look shows views differ on how polluter permits should be allocated. Commentator Robert Reich is voting for a carbon auction.

An economic stimulus? Infrastructure

May 21, 2008
Why do some countries' economies grow and others don't? A World Bank commission says that, among other things, the ones that grow invest in their infrastructure. Commentator Robert Reich says that's what the United States ought to do.

Housing bill's help falls short

May 14, 2008
The Congressional Budget Office predicts the housing bill Congress is drafting will help only a small portion of homeowners heading to mortgage default. Commentator Richard Reich explains why Congress must broaden that bill.
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Gas tax holiday is a dumb idea

Apr 30, 2008
Some politicians want to give Americans a break this summer with a gas tax holiday. Commentator Robert Reich says that would only encourage more driving and, hence, drive gas prices up even higher and fuel global warming.

It's good Social Security didn't change

Apr 23, 2008
When the economy and the stock market were humming right along, a lot of people thought it might be a good idea to invest Social Security funds in the market. But commentator Robert Reich says we're lucky we didn't.
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House looks at unemployment benefits

Apr 16, 2008
The unemployment rate is rising and today, the House will consider extending unemployment benefits. Democrats want to give those out of work another 13 weeks of checks. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports
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Ultimately, we pay for the bailout

Apr 2, 2008
Using our tax dollars to bail out the Wall Street debacle just isn't fair, says commentator Robert Reich. Wall Street reaps the rewards and we pay the price.
Posted In: Taxes

Paulson's speech won't do much

Mar 31, 2008
Commentator Robert Reich says Secretary Paulson made a good sales pitch, but he's short on substance.
Posted In: Economy, Wall Street

Taxpayers should reap bailout profits

Mar 26, 2008
Commentator Robert Reich wants to call your attention to a mortgage-crisis bill in Congress with an interesting twist. It would allow taxpayers who pick up the tab for bailouts to profit if the gamble pays off.

What the Fed should demand in return

Mar 18, 2008
Whether you call it a bailout or not, the Fed is aggressively intervening in Wall Street's business. Commentator Robert Reich has no problem with the Fed stepping in -- as long as it demands something in return.



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