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Where's my summer vacation?

Jul 23, 2008
The average U.S. worker gets 14 days of paid vacation, but anxieties about the economy are making fewer employees take off during the summer. Commentator Robert Reich says Americans still need a summer break.

We need to build new safety nets

Jul 16, 2008
Commentator Robert Reich says "The Great Moderation" of the last two decades led Americans to think we didn't need much by way of social insurance. But now, he says, a radical economic swing is back and we should react to it.

Expand unemployment insurance now

Jul 9, 2008
Congress has just extended unemployment benefits 13 additional weeks, but most people don't qualify for benefits these days. Commentator Robert Reich says the guidelines to qualify for unemployment insurance should be loosened.

Congress's summer job: The economy

Jul 2, 2008
The economic stimulus was just a drop in the bucket. If Congress really wants to get the economy back on its feet, commentator Robert Reich has some summer homework for them.

You can't afford not to vacation

Jun 27, 2008
Between exchange rates and gas prices, the economy is conspiring to keep us cooped up all summer long. Commentator Robert Reich tries to align his travel plans with his bank account.
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Stop swinging the outrage pendulum

Jun 25, 2008
Big government and big business are often in a power struggle over the market, and Americans swing between outrage at one or the other. But commentator Robert Reich says both are necessary parts of a modern economy.

Stop enabling the speculators

Jun 18, 2008
Commentator Robert Reich says while speculation is driving commodity markets up, the blame rests with the government and regulators who haven't taken the proper steps to reign them in.

More demand shaping global reality

Jun 11, 2008
Many people are looking for someone or something to blame for rising prices in food and fuel. Commentator Robert Reich says a rapidly growing middle class is demanding these things faster than they can be produced.

Let's get serious about public transit

Jun 4, 2008
Record gas prices are driving commuters to buses and trains in mass. Commentator Robert Reich says unless we're willing to upgrade our transit systems, those drivers won't find anything on public transit but more frustration.
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Auction off the right to pollute

May 28, 2008
All three presidential candidates are in support of cap-and-trade, but a closer look shows views differ on how polluter permits should be allocated. Commentator Robert Reich is voting for a carbon auction.


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