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Smaller stimulus for a unified Congress

Jan 21, 2009
President Obama's stimulus package may be too much debt for the comfort of some in Congress. Commentator Robert Reich says he can choose that route, or go for less money and more congressional support.

Focus on the core problems first

Jan 7, 2009
With a new president comes a flurry of new proposals for everything from economic revival to climate change. But commentator Robert Reich warns that the core problems must be addressed if we want any other change to be effective.

Still reluctant to change after fallout

Dec 24, 2008
Wall Street and Detroit are undergoing a lot of changes as a result of the economic downturn. But commentator Robert Reich says they might not want that, as some see the industries' problems as cyclical, not structural.

In financial crisis, it's still a democracy

Dec 17, 2008
There's been a lot of talk about how much it will cost to keep the Big Three automakers in business. But Commentator Robert Reich says there's more on the line than just money.

Three rules for Obama's stimulus plan

Dec 10, 2008
Congress and the Obama administration are preparing a new stimulus plan likely to be signed as soon as the new president is sworn in. Commentator Robert Reich has a few suggestions for keeping the money out of corporate welfare.

We need more government spending

Nov 26, 2008
Is another stimulus package what the U.S. needs right now? Commentator Robert Reich says yes -- and about $600 billion will be just enough to put Americans back to work and invest in future productivity.

General Motors should get bailout, too

Nov 26, 2008
Because of the financial crisis fallout, the bailouts keep coming. AIG got one, as did Citigroup. But General Motors, an auto maker teetering on the brink, is still waiting for one. Commentator Robert Reich asks: Why?

Obama can't change Washington alone

Nov 5, 2008
Americans spoke loudly for change, particularly in D.C. politics. That includes lobbyists and pork seekers. Commentator Robert Reich urges Obama to enlist his campaign network and grassroots activists for the job.

Put focus back on the unemployed

Oct 29, 2008
The Federal Reserve is talking like another stimulus package may be on the way. But with the official rate of unemployment at around 6 percent, commentator Robert Reich explains why our focus should be elsewhere.
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The myth of living 'beyond our means'

Oct 15, 2008
The average American household has taken on more debt than it can safely manage, but our we really living beyond our means? Commentator Robert Reich says we need to also take note of declining incomes.


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