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A summer drive to ride out the economy

Jul 29, 2009
Road trips are back this summer, as families cope with an ailing economy. Commentator Robert Reich says slowing down for a drive down the highway is actually a good thing.

Tax the wealthy, keep everyone healthy

Jul 15, 2009
The big debate over health care reform is how to pay for it. The latest proposal comes at a very high price -- more than $1 trillion. To help pay for it, House Democrats want to tax the wealthy. Commentator Robert Reich says that's a good idea.
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The big headache with Medicaid

Jul 8, 2009
The Obama administration's deal with three hospital groups will save $155 billion in Medicare and Medicaid spending. But commentator David Frum says there's a bigger problem with Medicaid.
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Put an X through visions of recovery

Jul 1, 2009
The hot debate among macro-economists and market watchers is whether the economy's recovery will be V-shaped or U-shaped. Commentator Robert Reich says it's too early to see the shape of things to come.
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Only public option will save health costs

Jun 17, 2009
There is a big debate in Congress over the health care system overhaul and whether the government should offer a public insurance option. Commentator Robert Reich says there's only one choice.
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No reason for public involvement in GM

Jun 1, 2009
Now that GM has declared bankruptcy, the question is how much the government should invest in what may be a failing enterprise. Billions have already been spent. Commentator Robert Reich asks the question: Why?
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Proposed health care plans miss mark

May 20, 2009
Congress is debating how to pay for a health care overhaul and what form a new system will take. Lawmakers are trying to find a middle ground, but commentator Robert Reich says a lot may be lost in the process.
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Go after tax havens to help health care

May 6, 2009
What do eliminating foreign tax havens and establishing universal health care have in common? A whole lot, says commentator Robert Reich.
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Health holds priority over economy

Apr 29, 2009
Many are concerned about the effects a swine flu pandemic could have on an already ailing U.S. economy. But commentator Robert Reich says the real worry is that lots of people could get sick and many could die.
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Demand is the problem, not lending

Apr 15, 2009
Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner believes the only way to rescue the economy is to get the big banks to lend money again. But commentator Robert Reich says the big issue is the continued lack of enough demand in the economy.



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