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U.S. the next Greece? We'd be so lucky.

Jun 9, 2010
Parts of Europe are in a budget quandary: save or spend to kick-start a sputtering economy? Commentator David Frum says right now, Europe's got it better figured out than the U.S.

Will Europe drag U.S. into double-dip recession?

May 28, 2010
How badly is the economic recovery here in the U.S. endangered by Europe's credit problems? Deeper analysis from former Labor Secretary Robert Reich.

U.S. spending pile up will lead to crash

May 26, 2010
The American labor market is still shaky. We've started adding jobs, but more than 8 million jobs have disappeared over the past two and a half years. A news story the other day got David Frum thinking about jobs and the economy, and where we might be headed.

Pay teachers, not hedge-fund managers

May 19, 2010
There's a little-known tax loophole that should, and just might, be closed, says commentator Robert Reich, thanks to the fury over Wall Street.

Offshore oil drilling is still necessary

May 12, 2010
Commentator David Frum says despite the recent BP catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico, we should keep drilling for oil.

It's time for the rebirth of regulation

May 5, 2010
Three companies have been in the news lately -- BP, Massey Energy, and Goldman Sachs -- and presumably their PR offices aren't exactly delighted. Commentator Robert Reich says there's a significant connection between the three and a long-term trend in Washington.

Should Wall St. reform target greed?

Apr 30, 2010
The Goldman Sachs fraud case made for an interesting backdrop to Congress's continuing financial reform debate this week. Stacey Vanek-Smith talks to former Labor Secretary Robert Reich about Wall Street greed.

China paranoid over currency question

Apr 28, 2010
Commentator David Frum recently returned from a State Department-sponsored tour of Chinese universities, and says many students expressed concern over U.S. pressure on China to "up value" its currency.

Senate's regulation bill omits 3 reforms

Apr 21, 2010
The Senate is expected to start a floor debate on financial reform soon. Commentator Robert Reich says the bill under consideration is a good start, but lacks some important reforms.

New tax ideas buzzing in Washington

Apr 16, 2010
Taxes may be behind us, but Washington still needs to figure out where the money is going -- and whether we have enough funds to go around. Stacey Vanek-Smith talks to Robert Reich about new tax ideas the government is considering.



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