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The Corner Office: Xerox CEO Anne Mulcahy

Apr 21, 2006
Anne Mulcahy talks with host Kai Ryssdal about what it's been like taking her company back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Charles Schwab: Putting himself out front

Mar 15, 2006
Kai Ryssdal talks with Charles Schwab about the evolution of the discount brokerage business and how he came to be the face of the company.
Posted In: Investing

Mattel's Bob Eckert on what makes a good toy

Feb 14, 2006
Toymakers are in New York this week, showing off their wares at the industry's big annual trade show. Kai Ryssdal talks with Mattel CEO Bob Eckert about what makes a good toy, and why such a fun business can be so tough.

Mattel's Bob Eckert on running the world's biggest toy company

Feb 10, 2006
The toy industry's big trade show gets down to business in New York this weekend. Meanwhile, in our new series "Conversations from the Corner Office," Kai talks with Mattel's CEO Bob Eckert about the perks and responsibilities of running the world's biggest toymaker.

Southwest's Gary Kelly on the future of the airline business

Feb 2, 2006
Kai talks with Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly about his trip from CPA to CEO, and the future of the airline business.

Southwest's Gary Kelly on building a corporate culture

Jan 31, 2006
In the first installment of our new segment "Conversations from the Corner Office," Kai talks with Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly about building a corporate culture, and why the customer isn't necessarily always right.