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Using technology to grow more food

Aug 20, 2008
Hugh Grant is the head of Monsanto, which creates technology to increase harvests. It's also the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds. Grant talks about the controversial topic of technology and food.
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Programming for hearts and minds

Jul 16, 2008
Showtime CEO Matt Blank talks about the network's chances in the new television landscape and life as part of the broadcast giant CBS.

Keeping above the subprime mess

Jun 10, 2008
Banks have made bad decisions and lost billions in the credit crunch. Wells Fargo CEO John Stumpf talks about how his bank has been riding out the subprime storm.

Reinventing a 170-year-old company

May 19, 2008
A.G. Lafley heads Procter & Gamble, the biggest consumer products company in the world, earning $82 billion a year. But eight years ago, it was a different story when he took the top spot. He talks about making changes to struggling brands.

Service comes first for Craigslist CEO

Apr 21, 2008, the largest provider of classified ads in any medium, charges for only about 6% of its 30 million new ads each month. CEO Jim Buckmaster talks about the company's business model.

CEO keeps growing new ventures

Feb 21, 2008
Some of the Internet economy's leading-edge companies were born at high-tech incubator Idealab. And then came the dot-com bust. Idealab survived but it's taken a new direction. Kai Ryssdal talks with CEO Bill Gross in Conversations From the Corner Office.

Looking to make a quick U turn

Jan 15, 2008
Ford Motor Co. shareholders are hoping CEO Alan Mulally can drive a turnaround that will halt the company's flood of red ink and declining market share. He talks with Kai Ryssdal about the challenges facing the automaker.
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Lighting a fire under the soup

Dec 17, 2007
In the late 90s, Campbell Soup sales were falling and the iconic American brand was losing market share. Doug Conant was brought in from Nabisco to turn things around as president and CEO. He spoke with Kai Ryssdal about studying hard to stay on top of his game.

Interview transcript: Meg Whitman

Nov 29, 2007
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The economics of eBay, explained

Nov 29, 2007
Cyber Monday sales for eBay were expectedly strong, but how does CEO Meg Whitman feel about the rest of the year? Kai Ryssdal sat down with her recently and asked whether she was jittery about the current economy.
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