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States struggle to balance budgets

Jun 29, 2010
States across the nation are struggling to balance budgets while under the weight of huge deficits. Reporters in Illinois, Pennsylvania and North Carolina take a look at the challenges each state is confronted with and how they're dealing with them.

A Toronto G-20 summit review

Jun 28, 2010
Tess Vigeland reviews the Toronto G-20 summit, which wrapped up yesterday, with Marketplace's London bureau chief Stephen Beard, particularly if the summit helped bridge disagreements between Europe and the U.S.

Weekly Wrap: G-20 and financial reform

Jun 25, 2010
Fortune Magazine's Leigh Gallagher and the Wall Street Journal's Sudeep Reddy talk with Kai Ryssdal about the G-20 meeting and the financial reform bill that made it through two two key congressional committees.
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Personal bankruptcy filings on the rise

Jun 3, 2010
Personal bankruptcies have been on the rise since the Great Recession, and with it, perhaps a decline in the stigma against throwing in the hat when your finances become too much.
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Go local with your money?

Jun 3, 2010
Marketplace's Ashley Milne-Tyte weighs the pros and cons of moving your money to a community bank.
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What's the status of stimulus spending?

Jun 2, 2010
Vice President Joe Biden was at the Brooklyn Bridge to talk about a $30 million federal investment for a major rehab of the 117-year-old span. It was a chance for the Obama administration to tout the benefits of its $787 billion stimulus package. Just how much stimulus is left? Jeremy Hobson reports.

Commission looks into ratings agencies

Jun 2, 2010
The Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission held a hearing discussing the role of credit ratings agencies in the financial crisis.

Step back and explore the plenitude

May 21, 2010
Juliet Schor talks with Kai Ryssdal about her new book "Plenitude," and how we have everything we need right now to start living more sustainable lives.

Getting Personal

May 21, 2010
Tess Vigeland and personal finance expert Kathy Kristof of CBS MoneyWatch take your questions on how money mixes with romance and family.
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California cities join forces

May 20, 2010
Professor Jefferey Sellers from the University of Southern California talks with Tess Vigeland about how the recession has led some California cities to consider sharing services and programs.