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All the Devils Are Here: Everyone was to blame in financial crisis

Nov 16, 2010
Joe Nocera, co-author of "All the Devils Are Here" with Bethany McLean, talks to Kai Ryssdal about what they discovered about the financial crisis and how everyone played a key -- and villainous -- role.
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Financial crisis could result from mortgage documentation issues

Nov 16, 2010
Homeowners struggling to avoid foreclosure may not have experienced the worst of their financial woes. Mortgage documentation issues that led to foreclosure moratoriums at many banks could lead to another financial crisis, according to a Congressional Oversight Panel report released Tuesday.
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Fed's $600 billion plan is 'risky business'

Nov 9, 2010
There are already signs showing that the $600 billion infusion the Fed made isn't going where they want to. Sarah Gardner looks at potential consequences of the Fed's move.
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Weekly Wrap: The new Congress and the economy

Nov 5, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to Felix Salmon from Reuters and Leigh Gallagher from Fortune Magazine about the effect of a divided Congress on job and economic growth.
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How much more money will the Fed push into the economy?

Oct 27, 2010
The Fed is expected to announce soon its plans for continuing to fix the U.S. economy. Will it push another $1.5 trillion? Experts say this may not be the best idea, and John Dimsdale explains why.

Protest with tongue in cheek, one corporation at a time

Oct 15, 2010
What do the New York Times, Dow Chemical and George W. Bush have in common? They've all been targets of the Yes Men, a duo dedicated to sticking it to the man through elaborate hoaxes. Who could be their next victim? Yes Man Mike Bonanno stops by the Marketplace studio.
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Where would we be if we hadn't had a housing bubble?

Oct 8, 2010
It's no question that the housing bubble has created a huge effect on the housing economy today. But what would have happened to home prices if that bubble never happened? Robert Shiller of the S&P Case-Shiller index offers some insight.
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NJ-NY tunnel cancellation not good for the long-term

Oct 8, 2010
The New Jersey governor's decision to pull funding from the New York-New Jersey commuter rail may give some temporary relief, but it also may have a negative long-term impact for both New Jersey and New York City.

Predict a bubble, and then what?

Oct 1, 2010
There's a group of high-level financial regulators -- including Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke -- who will keep their ears to the ground to predict future bubbles. But what will they do once they predict one?

JPMorgan Chase halt foreclosures due to faulty paperwork

Sep 30, 2010
Faulty foreclosure paperwork and 'robo-signers' who sign off on them are the reason that JPMorgan Chase is halting foreclosure proceedings in 23 states.
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