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Live Aid changed the face of fundraising

Jul 13, 2010
Twenty-five years ago, the Live Aid concert brought together a galaxy of pop stars and changed the business of fundraising.
Posted In: Charity, Entertainment

Joblessness contributes to fall in immigration

Jul 12, 2010
A high unemployment rate is one factor which contributed to a surprising fall in immigration to developed nations in 2008.
Posted In: Immigration, Jobs

Investors push 2009 Bordeaux to over $1,000 a bottle

Jul 8, 2010
An exceptionally good Bordeaux is running at an exceptionally high price, with many buyers coming from China and Hong Kong.
Posted In: Food, Investing

DOJ monitoring BP's big moves

Jul 7, 2010
The Justice Department has asked BP for advance warning of any plan it makes that would impact the company's future.
Posted In: Oil

Why would anyone invest in BP now?

Jul 5, 2010
BP's stock is down by about half, which means the company could be vulnerable to a hostile takeover. Now there are reports BP is trying to head that off by attracting rich investors.
Posted In: Oil

Finland new broadband improves rural service

Jul 2, 2010
Now that Finland has made broadband Internet a legal right, service in the country's rural areas will improve.
Posted In: Internet

Agricultural Bank of China to go public

Jun 30, 2010
Global investors are getting their first look at what's expected to be the world's largest stock offering: the Agricultural Bank of China plans to list on the Chinese exchanges next month.

Where Germany, France disagree on European debt

Jun 14, 2010
Germany and France are leading the conversation to get indebted European countries out of financial struggle, but the two powers don't quite see eye-to-eye.

Euro soccer to curb excess spending

May 28, 2010
A lot of the biggest soccer clubs in Europe are in debt and facing bankruptcy. So the organization that governs Euro soccer has agreed on some new rules designed to stop clubs from spending more than they take in.
Posted In: Sports

Scottish property owners thwart Trump's golf plans

May 27, 2010
Donald Trump's attempts to build a golf club on Scotland's Northeast coast are being thwarted by local property owners.


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