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Gaddafi's oil revolution

Apr 7, 2011
Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi has had an eventful career. But one aspect of his life has largely been forgotten in the West.
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Europe minds the U.S. government shutdown

Apr 7, 2011
The BBC's Rebecca Singer explains why economists and investors are watching the U.S. budget situation closely.

Business confidence worsens in Japan

Apr 4, 2011
The Bank of Japan has split a business confidence survey into pre- and post-earthquake numbers. The first number showed widespread optimism, but the earthquake has left the business community in a negative state of mind.

Cosmo hits newsstands in the Middle East

Apr 1, 2011
Women in the Middle East today are getting their first look at the region's version of Cosmopolitan Magazine.
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Boeing, Airbus received unfair subsidies, says WTO

Mar 31, 2011
A ruling released today from the World Trade Organization says Boeing received illegal government subsidies. That's after a similar ruling against Airbus last year.
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Microsoft files EU complaint against Google

Mar 31, 2011
Tech giant Microsoft has filed an anti-trust complaint in Europe against Google.

TEPCO to close four reactors at Fukushima

Mar 30, 2011
According to the company's chairman, Tokyo Electric Power Company will permanently shut down four of the six reactors at the incapacitated nuclear plant.
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Japan to consider nationalizing TEPCO

Mar 29, 2011
As businesses and residents continue to suffer rolling power outages, Japan's government may start talks to nationalize Tokyo Electric Power Company.

Aussie dollar hits a 29-year high

Mar 29, 2011
The value of the Australian dollar has risen 10.5 percent in less than two weeks. Today, one Australian dollar will buy you $1.03 in U.S. dollars.
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Survey: China's economic power concerns developed nations

Mar 28, 2011
The BBC's Rebecca Singer explains the latest finds from a survey conducted by the BBC, measuring public concern over China's economic power.
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