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Spain could be too big to bailout

Jun 28, 2011
With an unemployment rate of over 20 percent, and many citizens protesting new wage and budget cuts, many investors have labeled Spain as one of the weaker European economies to watch out for.

Albanian expats leave Greece for better opportunities

Jun 27, 2011
Albania is one of the poorest countries in Europe, and for years, many of its citizens have fled to Greece to look for work. But as Greece faces one of the world's worst fiscal crises, Albanian workers are looking to move again.

China watching European debt crisis closely

Jun 24, 2011
China is deeply invested in Europe, not only with trade partnerships, but also in European real estate. And with all that investment, a Greek default could have major implications for China.
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Growing markets make room for new manufacturers at Paris Air Show

Jun 21, 2011
Both Boeing and Airbus have announced that their long-held dominance of the airplane market is over, as new manufacturers see an increase in orders.
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Big companies no longer limited to .com

Jun 20, 2011
Internet minders voted today to allow an onslaught of new domain names on themes as varied as company brands, entertainment and political causes.
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Samsonite's IPO trouble could impact Prada's pricing

Jun 16, 2011
Prada is expected to announce the final pricing for its initial public offering later this week in Hong Kong. But a faltering IPO in Hong Kong for Samsonite is raising questions on the wisdom of setting up shop in the city.

Tanzania lawmakers move to divert personal profits to social funds

Jun 15, 2011
According to Tanzania's opposition party, 13 percent of the country's budget is spent on stipends for members of parliament. Now, many politicians are moving to give up their stipends to help their constituents.

Facebook loses some friends

Jun 13, 2011
According to new data from the site Inside Facebook, the number of people using the social media site during May fell in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Norway and Russia.

Bean sprouts take the blame for E. coli scare

Jun 10, 2011
German health authorities have confirmed that sprouts from an organic farm in Germany are the source of the E. coli outbreak that has killed 31 people.
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Payment by phone is the standard in East Africa

Jun 10, 2011
Telecommunication companies across the globe are preparing to role out plans to allow payments by mobile phones. But the technology already insists in Uganda -- where limited access to traditional banking has paved the way for mobile monetary transactions.