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Swiss franc could be opening salvo in new currency war

Aug 18, 2011
The Swiss franc is now worth so much that it threatens Swiss jobs. The Swiss government wants to do something about it, but Switzerland isn't the only country looking at using its currency as a weapon.

Vice President Biden visits China

Aug 17, 2011
China holds $1 trillion in U.S. debt, and the Chinese government is looking for reassurances from Vice President Biden that the Obama administration has a plan to deal with economic uncertainty to keep that investment safe
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Germany's slow economic growth worries economists

Aug 16, 2011
Germany reported GDP growth of just 0.1 percent. That cast doubts on hopes that Germany would pull the rest of Europe off the brink of debt catastrophe.

Five months post-disaster: Hopeful signs of Japan bouncing back

Aug 15, 2011
Economic data today reveals Japanese manufacturers are recovering strongly. The BBC's Roland Buerk explains that after the March earthquake and tsunami, this revival is in part due to Japan's unique brand of cooperative capitalism.

Could Japan lead global economy out of turmoil?

Aug 15, 2011
Even though hundreds of factories across Japan were destroyed in the March earthquake and tsunami, manufacturing is recovering. Part of it comes from Japan's increasing investment in public reconstruction projects.

Who's making money off market turmoil?

Aug 12, 2011
Hedge fund traders and even ordinary investors are short selling stocks to make a buck off the ups and downs in the markets
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Banks in France on shaky ground?

Aug 11, 2011
Rumors abounded today over the solvency of French banks, and fears of global contagion from a bank failure trickled into the markets

Investors say 'c'est la vie' to the latest banking crisis

Aug 11, 2011
After another big sell-off yesterday, shares are back up in overseas trading this morning -- one reason for that rebound is that people aren't as worried about French banks and the credit rating of France's debt.
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London rioters armed with mobile technology

Aug 9, 2011
Police say young rioters in London are using tools like Twitter and BlackBerry Messenger to organize attacks on businesses

France might be next country to get the downgrade treatment

Aug 8, 2011
France may be next on the downgrade hit list; analysts say French debt levels are as unsustainable as America's



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