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Scotch whisky exports up 22 percent from 2010

Sep 12, 2011
Despite the global recession, Scotch whisky exports to the rest of the world were worth more than $2.8 billion in the first half of the year. But it might not be because of financial woes that more people are drinking up.
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Court rules German bailout of eurozone to be legal

Sep 7, 2011
Last year, the German government bailed out Greece and other eurozone countries that had run up against tough economic times. Despite the unpopularity of the measure, courts have ruled the moves legal.

Venice Film Festival hit by economic downturn

Sep 5, 2011
The Venice Film Festival has been hard hit by the global economic downturn, leaving a large building project unfinished. But the industry hopes to continue to attract American funding.
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Mexican economy still strong despite drug wars

Sep 5, 2011
The Mexican economy continues to prosper despite the ongoing, deadly drugs wars in the country. But is this growth sustainable as the conflicts continue?
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Libya begins to see its assets released

Sep 1, 2011
Bit by bit, frozen assets are being released to Libya as the international community begins to recognize the end of the Gaddafi regime. But why are some still holding back?

Qatar set to gain in Libya after early support for rebels

Aug 30, 2011
The gulf state of Qatar is set to gain both economic and political power in the wake of its support of the Libyan opposition.

The world awaiting Bernanke's speech

Aug 26, 2011
U.S. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivers a speech on economic policy this morning in Jackson Hole. We speak to BBC reporter Andrew Walker about why investors across Europe can't wait to hear it.
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Libyans on the ground wait anxiously for end of conflict

Aug 23, 2011
As the fate of Libya is still in the air, we talk to a BBC reporter on the ground. With Internet shut downs and numerous power outages occurring, Libyans are holding their breath for a resolution.

Japanese PM Naoto Kan likely to resign

Aug 23, 2011
Prime Minister of Japan Naoto Kan will resign soon in the wake of ongoing economic woes for his country. But a tsunami and the Fukushima nuclear disaster are only partly to blame for the trouble.

Venezuela nationalizes its gold industry

Aug 19, 2011
President Chavez announced that the government of Venezuela will take over gold processing and production. The decision comes in part as a result of rising gold prices.



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