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In financial trouble, Spain prepares for an election

Nov 18, 2011
Spain is the latest European country to be hit by difficultly in the bond market. Can a shake-up in political power help change that?
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Arab League gives Syria deadline to stop violence

Nov 17, 2011
Pressure is mounting against the Syrian government to stop violent protests in the country. If they continue past the three day deadline, economic sanctions are the next step.
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Portugal's prime minister seeks help in Angola

Nov 17, 2011
Pedro Passos de Coelho is in Portugal today asking investors in the economically-robust former colony to invest in cash-strapped Portugal.
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European bond market on a rollercoaster ride

Nov 16, 2011
With ongoing fears of contagion in Europe, the bond market in the eurozone has hit trouble this week.
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Germany should tap European Central Bank, critics say

Nov 14, 2011
Germany is the biggest economy in Europe and is picking up a the largest portion of the Euro crisis tab, but some critics say it should do more.
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French government to investigate false downgrade notice

Nov 11, 2011
Weeks ago, Moody's put France under observation regarding its credit rating. Now, a false announcement of a downgrade is giving the French government reason to investigate such agencies.

Italian bond yields reach 7%, increasing worries in Europe

Nov 9, 2011
With the cost of borrowing hitting record highs in Italy, banks, pension funds and insurance companies worry about the repercussions.

Berlusconi departure won't be a quick fix for Italian economy

Nov 8, 2011
If Silvio Berlusconi is removed from power, it will certainly mark the end of an Italian political era, but it may not do much for the current financial crisis.

Olympus comes clean after decades of hiding losses

Nov 8, 2011
Japanese camera company Olympus has been hiding its financial losses for years by inflating fees to advisers.
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Auto, computer industries feel impact of Thailand floods

Nov 7, 2011
The floods in Thailand have not ended yet, and already computer makers are worried about a lack of parts for the upcoming Christmas season.