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European summit almost gets the job done

Dec 9, 2011
A deal was reached among the majority of countries in the European Union at today's summit, but a few countries are sticking on the sidelines.
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Markets had European debt drama 'baked in'

Dec 9, 2011
European countries agree to a deal on balanced budgets and debt reduction. A unanimous vote wasn't reached, but the BBC's Andrew Walker says investors already had limited expectations.
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Coffee consumption on the rise around the world

Dec 8, 2011
Coffee consumption continues to grow globally, and some predict that the price of raw coffee will continue to dip in the coming years.
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David Cameron not ready to agree on treaty changes

Dec 7, 2011
While the rest of Europe is ready to re-write treaties in the hopes of healing the debt crisis, British Prime Minister David Cameron is not ready to give up the interests of his own country.
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White House trying to avoid economic headwinds from Europe

Dec 6, 2011
Leaders in the U.S. are increasingly worried about the debt crisis in Europe. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is on a grand tour this week to check in on progress there.
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Eurozone threatened with downgrade if summit fails

Dec 6, 2011
Yet another summit is planned in Europe this week to find a solution to the debt problems there. But is this summit the one that will produce results?
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Belgium ends 540 days without leader

Dec 5, 2011
Belgium, the country with the fifth largest debt load in Europe, has gone without a full-time government for over 500 days. Today, a prime minister was appointed.
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Can we expect solutions from Europe this week?

Dec 5, 2011
It is a big week for the European debt crisis, as French and German leaders plan for a meeting Friday.
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Merkel calls euro debt crisis a 'marathon'

Dec 2, 2011
Germany's leader spoke today, calling for stricter regulations across Europe.
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Central banks buy European governments more time

Dec 1, 2011
Central banks from a number of countries have decided to increase the ease of borrowing; many hope this will be enough to buy eurozone governments more time to solve the debt crisis.
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