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BP's Hayward likely on the way out

Jul 26, 2010
BP executives are meeting to discuss the fate of CEO Tony Hayward, who has been on thin ice for months for his handling of the Gulf oil crisis.
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Oil companies invest in quick response to deep-sea blowouts

Jul 22, 2010
Learning from the BP spill, Exxon Mobil, Shell, Chevron and ConocoPhillips are committing a quarter of a billion dollars each to construct a rapid response unit that could quickly move in place to collect leaking oil.
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How will BP's asset sales affect the company?

Jul 21, 2010
Steve Chiotakis talks to the BBC's Rebecca Singer about what BP's sales of some of its assets means for the company.

BP selling assets at a disadvantage to offset Gulf clean-up costs

Jul 21, 2010
BP is selling some of its assets to pay Gulf spill clean-up costs at a speed surprising analysts.
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Fiscal measures shake up Ireland's financial house

Jul 20, 2010
Ireland sold $2 billion worth of government debt today to fund its country's budget. The move was more expensive due to Moody's cutting Ireland's credit rating.

$1B cocoa bean purchase pushes price up to 33-year high

Jul 19, 2010
British investor Anthony Ward has purchased $1 billion worth of cocoa beans. This could have an bitter effect on the price of chocolate bars.
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Congress wants to limit BP's U.S. drilling

Jul 15, 2010
Members of Congress are trying to restrict BP from drilling new oil and gas wells in the U.S.

Robust economic growth in Singapore could be good global sign

Jul 14, 2010
Singapore says it expects its economy to grow at a 15 percent clip this year -- which could be good news for the rest of the world.

Live Aid changed the face of fundraising

Jul 13, 2010
Twenty-five years ago, the Live Aid concert brought together a galaxy of pop stars and changed the business of fundraising.
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Joblessness contributes to fall in immigration

Jul 12, 2010
A high unemployment rate is one factor which contributed to a surprising fall in immigration to developed nations in 2008.
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