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Russian wheat ban raises price fears

Aug 16, 2010
Russian farmers can no longer sell their wheat outside of Russia because of a brutal heatwave and devastating wildfires there. The export limits have raised fears that global food prices may skyrocket as a result.
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Germans vocal about timing of Google street view opt-out

Aug 12, 2010
By the end of the year, 20 German cities will have photos of their neighborhoods posted on Google, in the face of vocal protests. The search giant is offering a solution, but critics are questioning the timing.
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Kagame lacked critical opposition in Rwandan poll

Aug 11, 2010
Rwanda's incumbent president Paul Kagame has worked hard to change his country's reputation, but his success in this week's general election has not been without controversy.

Police raid Google's Seoul office on data concerns

Aug 10, 2010
South Korean police are continuing an investigation into data collected during Google's street-mapping sweeps across the country.
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Saudi Arabia prepared to shut down Blackberry service

Aug 9, 2010
Saudi Arabian authorities have given Blackberry's makers until today to reach a deal or face a shutdown of services.
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U.K. job centers ban lap dancers, adult performers

Aug 9, 2010
Government-run help wanted offices in the U.K. can no longer offer job seekers the chance to work as a lap dancer or a stripper. Those who work in the adult performance industry are not pleased about the new rule.
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Sell the right to immigrate to the highest bidder?

Aug 5, 2010
An American Nobel Laureate is proposing a radical solution in the U.S. immigration debate: auctioning off the right to a green card.
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Euro banks telling same story as U.S. firms

Aug 4, 2010
Banks in Europe are reporting how well business is doing. The financial institutions seem to be telling the same story going around in the U.S., and there are indicators that recovery is underway.
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Blackberry weathers more data security concerns

Aug 3, 2010
The U.S. government is disappointed by the UAE's move to ban Blackberry's Internet service, and other countries also have security concerns about the device.

UAE says Blackberry operating outside law, banning use

Aug 2, 2010
Starting in October, the United Arab Emirates will stop people from sending e-mails, texting or going online on their Blackberries due to security concerns. The move has prompted Saudi Arabia to take similar measures.



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