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Is Europe's economy still a worry?

Sep 7, 2010
Europe is actually in better economic shape than the U.S. That's a role reversal from earlier in the year, when Europe was seen as the economic problem child. So is there still concern about the health of Europe's economy?

Germany holds off on nuclear phase-out

Sep 6, 2010
Germany will continue to use nuclear power plants for longer than expected. The country had expected to phase out its reliance on nuclear energy in the next decade.

India's economy grows almost 9%

Aug 31, 2010
India's economy grew almost 9 percent this spring.

Scientists crack wheat's genetic code

Aug 27, 2010
British researchers have successfully mapped the genetic makeup of wheat. The BBC's Rebecca Singer reports now on how the scientific breakthrough could help wheat farmers worldwide.
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BP halts plans to drill off Greenland

Aug 26, 2010
BP has pulled out of a controversial plan to drill for oil off the coast of Greenland. Why?
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Germans to bosses: Get off Facebook!

Aug 26, 2010
Several high-profile companies in Germany were recently caught using digital technology to keep tabs on workers. Germans were spooked by that, and have pushed for a new law that would stop your employer from checking out your Facebook page.
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Ireland's credit rating downgraded

Aug 25, 2010
It will be harder for Ireland to borrow money after the S&P downgraded the country's credit rating. The move throws into question Ireland's struggling economic recovery and again exposes the catch-22 faced by European countries.

The economy's role in Aussie election

Aug 20, 2010
Australians will soon take to the polls for its federal election. And the economy is taking center stage.

French crack down on gypsy travelers

Aug 19, 2010
In France, the government is expelling gypsy, or Roma travelers -- rounded up as part of a summer clampdown on illegal camps. Over 700 people are expected to be flown out of France in the next few weeks.
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Filling up on whisky: To drive, not drink

Aug 18, 2010
Researchers at a university in Scotland have developed a hopeful new biofuel. But this technology could raise some questions about driving with alcohol -- because it actually will power your car, with alcohol.
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