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South Africans vote for housing, clean water

May 18, 2011
Citizens of South Africa are voting today in local elections. These elections are expected to come down over issues of poverty, and not the traditional issue of race.

Rosneft pulls out of BP deal

May 17, 2011
Russian state oil company Rosneft is dropping out of a deal with BP, leaving BP's investors concerned over the company's leadership.
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Moet Hennessy to make bubbly in China

May 13, 2011
The wine and spirits arm of France's LVMH luxury group announced yesterday it's planning its first vineyard in China to produce a premium sparkling wine.
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Galliano's racism trial set for June 22

May 12, 2011
British fashion designer John Galliano is scheduled to go on trial June 22 for allegedly making public anti-semitic remarks.

Lawmakers question U.S. support of Pakistani counter-terror programs

May 11, 2011
After Osama bin Laden's death, many American politicians are reevaluating the U.S.'s roll in funding counter-terrorism efforts in Pakistan.

Samoa switches to 'the future,' jumps to other side of International Date Line

May 9, 2011
Samoa is hoping to move its economy into the future -- by a full 24 hours. The time change would put Samoa on the same schedule as major trading partners like New Zealand and Australia.

Oil, gold, commodity prices take sharp fall

May 6, 2011
The BBC's Andrew Walker explains how the recent slump in commodity prices reflects slow economic growth.
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Cuba cuts down on its coffee fix

May 6, 2011
In a cost-cutting measure, Cuba is cutting down on the rations of coffee offered to citizens.
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Using the carrot and the stick with Libya and the Arab World

May 5, 2011
International diplomats are meeting today in Rome to discuss how best to support Libya's rebels. And one proposal would create a new Marshall Plan for the Arab World.

Bin Laden's death could cripple terrorist financing

May 2, 2011
The BBC's Owen Bennett-Jones explains how the death of terrorist leader Osama bin Laden could hurt -- but not maim -- the funding of the al-Qaida network



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